Are we getting a surprise powerpass for Ani?

I’ve seen recently a lot of mokokos I guess the game isn’t dying after all. They fall in the trap honing to 1415 without having another alt and are basically with 0 gold. No oreha gatekeep from Argos and valtan

I’m not sure what we will get for Ani, pheons ke skins or else but a free powerpass will be def a good addition.

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a surprise $100 skin pack deal, that is.


Roxx confirmed that we’re not getting a power pass or express for the Anniversary.

What mean free power pass

Free character to 1415, 1445, 1460 without using one single mat.

Likely 1 free Anniversary skin with the privilege to buy more.

We already know that we’ll just be getting stuff KR has already gotten since if they need 4 months to localize Artist they won’t have the time to develop skins from a community contest into in-game goods.

The question is which skins will we get. 1st Legendary Avatars? 2nd Anniversary? 3rd Anniversary? 4th Anniversary?

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As much as i’d love to see them bringing 1st legendary avatars, i dont think this will happen.
First legendaries didnt include every class we have right now and like you said, they dont have the time to develope skins.
Imagine they release legendary skins as anniversary gift and not everyone can use them on their main…

probably be a powerpass with Artist in April

Surprise artist release at aniv /copium

Those are bots the new mokokos lol

if it is a surprise , they won´t be tellin´

Whats not a powerpass. What you mean is a express/Hyper express event.
Powerpass is skipping the story. Like a Punika Power pass. You start at Punikia with 1300 Ilvl.

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Powerpasses are handed out with new classes, also when they complete story they get 2 powerpasses already. Punika powerpass+hyperexpress will come most likely with Artist release.

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Honestly they outta just rotate a fresh pass and express every time one event ends, its not like the content you’re boosted too is relevant.