Are we getting new ears for sorcs and bards on the 19th?

You said we’re getting new hairstyles in your post, but are we getting normal ears for Magicians?? :blush:

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They tweeted 19th so no, no hairstyles tommorow.

Sorry I meant 19th, not tomorrow :smiley: Got too excited…


19th yes, tomorrow sadny no :frowning:

But how do you know we’re also getting the normal ears? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


What ears are we talking about?
You have images or anything?

yeah new ears will come with hairstyles in the 19th :slight_smile:

in KR the hairstyle patch included the ears.

but I suppose we could see if @Roxx can confirm the mage ears are included with the hairstyles next week.

Maybe give us a character change ticket out of the kindness of their heart?

Ya girl too poor to pay for ears.

when the patch hits yep, human ears will be added in the character creation!