Are we getting only neria's dressing store or there will be additional skin set?

Are we getting only neria’s dressing store or there will be additional skin set? I really hope that after last month “weird/casual looking” skins we will have something badass this month, but after seeing the may update confirmation news im really concerned… @Roxx Could you please advice if we are getting additional skin set alongside neria’s dressing store ones?


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Shop list is still being locked, but skin set should be included as well!


Thank you so much!!!

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Another question, do we get only these 4 variants for male/female? or the halloween set is included aswell? they were all released togheter @Roxx


Please start releasing some of the Anniversary skins, I will throw money at you all :smiley:


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3rd anny wardancer bracelet weapon skin :pray:

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Why do you only release boring-ass skins? Can’t you put a couple of cool looking fantasy/steampunk-themed skins in the store? Don’t you want make revenue? I really don’t understand what your marketing-strategy here is.

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lets wait for 19th and lets see which skin set will be also added - nerias dressing room is only a bonus stuff :stuck_out_tongue: lets treat it like this


You are probably right.
But, I mean, they have skins like this in the game: :sob:
Why not just sell them?
Meanwhile my gunlancer looks like a sexually confused peacock on a crusade.

Will we get a preview of whatever other skin set(s) we’ll be getting? After the shop is locked in?

Did you even read the May update? It said we are getting normal skin sets updated in the May shop update but ALSO they’re introducing Neria Wardrobe also.

uhh just maybe, we… will get them for anniversaries? :astonished:

did you even read that Roxx already answered my question?

Is this a set other than a destroyer one youre meaning? Like one multiple classes can use? Ty

Yes these are the best ones.

Do you know if class (like bard) specific skins will be release at some point ?

I really want that corset top from the Halloween set :star_struck:

I would assume we would get halloween stuff more closer to ya’know Halloween. While yes, the hallo stuff was included for KR, it was not included for RU.

Oh ok, probably i’m gonna skip these then, i like the others way more