Are we going to wait for que in log in?

You think it’s
Gonna be like new world now and we probably will have que time to log in ?…
They should do server and channel’s…
And btw for eu players what server are you going ?

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The servers have channels. Hard to know at this time.

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Didn’t New World have super long queues because the servers had very low caps on their population due to the faction-based gameplay? Lost Ark has no reason to implement such low population caps. Depending on what region you’re in and what server you pick, there will probably be a queue at launch like most highly anticipated MMOs, but hopefully not as long as New World. We can only speculate and keep our fingers crossed.

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Finger crossed bro


Obviously, East Coast servers will have heavier populations and will most likely at least some of them will have log-in queues. Just because they are popular.

Yea I’m hoping for a server list with enough time that I can research where the big streamers are going and go somewhere else lol

Server list was out about 5 hours ago.

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lol thanks found it! People weren’t complaining about it so I didn’t realize it was out!