Are we gonna have another event tomorrow?

Since winter guardian is leaving tomorrow, im interested if we are gonna get a new event to replace it with.

It’s time for spring guardian

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They better not be counting Ark Pass and Express as events.

My T3 alts demand mats.

Spoiler alert, we are extending the guardian raid event. Patch notes will be posted as soon as translations are done :smiley:


i like the race one better it was as close as i can get to pvp lol

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Just post the English version now… everyone speaks it

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The Guardian event sucks… the race was really better and we want something new they are so nice events


The race got a lot more abundant resources too.


thank you for the spoiler and communication!

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Kor get 3 events and we get 1 bad one longer onn the bad one

btw where are the abys trials ?

Disagree. The guardian event is way better than the racing. I’d be happy if they never ran that trash again.


The items on the Guardian Events are really bad


The racing event was great. Awesome shop that I could buy out without even trying to do anything for the event.

Could we have a shift on the rewards at least maybe ? Something for ppl 1370+, because actually rewards are kinda useless, maybe solar graces instead of books?

Yeah having some greater honor leapstones in the shop would be nice. Especially since the next content will be 1415 min. There’s a lot of catch-up materials for 1340-1370 zone and we’ve had a lot of opportunities and time for t3 alts by now.


thank you!! the event is really fun :sunny:

Thanks for the info , is there a possiblity the rewards will be adjusted to better accomodate the 1415 push. Currently 200 destruction and 600 guardian stones /per week is really low in comparison to what is needed

The racing event didnt feel like an event, because once you did the racing you realized that you get all the coins needed from just playing the game to buy out the shop every week

In this event you actually have to participate, and its fun because you’re powered up and strong as hell with those buffs
Plus it somewhat teaches you mechanics like destruction and staggers

the racing is better in terms of mats.

you got more guardian and destruction stones. but more importantly they also gave out free solars.

obv there were other really good things from the racing event, but overall the loot was far better then what we got from guardian.

that being said, having guardian is still better then no guardian lol

wow lack of ideas, amazing!