Are we seriously getting ignored it's been a whole day almost and no update regarding this mess

Are we seriously getting ignored it’s been a whole day almost and no update regarding this mess

  • no new servers
  • no info about how this situation is gonna be handled
  • no info related to crashes & errors due to high traffic
  • no info about anything …

They should have some EU supportes and Devs online , when they had so many issues. Seams there are none atm as we are EU players and they only got US staff.

This is a massive error on their side …


they legit doubled servers after early access

legit doubled the servers and that’s still not enough we have over 200K people in queue
people are sitting in queue for HOURS & HOURS 6-8hours


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what else do you think they will do, literally every single person who has any say on here has been told to be quiet, you wont hear anything today, its being done on purpose, DAMAGE CONTROL due to the massive cluster of opening up locked full servers and tripling the queue time on every single EU server

200,000+ players cant even get in a game as the people who managed to get in will not leave the servers due to the fact there is an 8 hour wait to get back on. its scandalous

Don’t panic, they are prepared… :yum:

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They don´t seem to care about the EU players. Tomorrow when they start in the morning there will be some communication about how much they are trying to improve, but what I see is complete disregard. It’s non-sense that the only servers with problems are the EU servers. It can only mean that they don’t care. I won’t be wasting much time in this game if the situation is not settled soon.


Why don’t they just split Europe into two regions like they did with the US.

The US and the EU have roughly the same population. Why is EU in one fucking region?

Every single MMO I’ve ever played has split the EU into East and West. It’s like Amazon thinks we’re some fucking backwater with 30 million population or something.


i guess u think we just have to shut up and wait right? Thats not how it works, players need show every they a problem, this is how companys work, if everyone just forget, nothing will be done, learn about it

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new servers won solve shit for existing players …

last update was that they gonna work together with smilegate to get a higher server capacity wich can and hopefully will solve the waiting time or the majority of it…
it takes some time to figure out a patch that allows servers a higher capacity…
if u want an ASAP solution i suggest come back 2 weeks in time…

Did u ever played BDO? Dont defend this mess, its just terrible and you look bad trying

Look yesterday we had 1.3kk peak, with people that couldn’t join in.(ofc it’s not europe only)
Today they took servers down for maintenance(I guess to allow more ppl in), now we’re 200k from peak yet people can’t get in.
I know that usually you try to use as little resources as possible, but it would make more sence for AWS company to overshoot and then scale down.

There was an update today about increasing the capacity of the servers. They literally updated everyone today.

and servers still full now cant even get to queue.

im tired of all the whiteknights here trying to defend this mess. if was some shitty company ok but its amazon games… not even a smilegate problem… so uncle Jeff just dont want to help us.