Are you already working to ban bots?

I’ve gotten bored of going to each city or map only to find spam selling gold, reporting one by one , come on where the devs? go to work

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Haven’t seen any bots anywhere after vern, but could just be my server…

Area chat is definitely needed for some things, but if all you’re doing is walking around the hub just go to a guild chat or something similar that doesn’t have area chat enabled. Its a temp fix but its nicer than seeing bots post about selling 1000 gold for 10 Argentina rupee

So sorry you’re seeing bots in your game! Please continue to report these players either in-game or through support: Lost Ark - Support | Amazon Games We are working to improve moderation tools in the meantime.

There are literally thousands of berserkers and sorceresses running around on brown mounts throughout the entire game right now. It’s nearly impossible to report even a fraction of them and make any impact. They’re making queues longer and they are going to completely destroy the economy on the servers. I’ve checked and this is a problem on ALL North American servers in every sub tier 2 zone. If this isn’t handled in a timely manner, this will completely destroy the game like it has with so many others. This is the most serious issue and you guys need to throw all of your resources at it. I can promise you it’s causing a lot of new players to quit before they even experience the beauty of this game. I really hope you guys can region block / VPN block / proxy block and really put some effort towards combatting this because relying on player reports will do exactly what it did in so many games in the last few years and have a small impact. Players get sick of spending all of their play time reporting so they just stop doing it after the first few days.

Another issue is that players are only able to block 100 other people and that can easily be done within an hour of actively reporting these bots. Please please Amazon don’t let them ruin this game.

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great post thanks!

Every dungeon, every single area chat and say chat, BUY GOLD SPAMMERS EVERYWHERE…

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just be careful not to unduly report someone in bulk, because yesterday I was unfairly banned, confused with a bot, while talking about the price of the other in the general chat, they thought I was selling another one, and I didn’t even spam, just I once said in chat the price of gold

Trust me these are really obvious, they even link the websites and dollars amounts…

Hopefully they are working on this or will expand the limit on how many you can block.

I’m already up to 45/100 in my block list with no end in sight of new spammers in every zone

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at this point im wondering why tf is there anticheat thingy that loads for all eternity before launching game if it cant stop even these bots… Just waste of CPU and ram imo

It’s already like denuvo both are incompetent