Are you fixing the Rest Bonus for Chaos Dungeons that we all lost?

My Scouter for example was supposed to have 100/100 Rest Bonus for chaos dungeons, but due to the bug it was reset back to 0 and still is. Is this getting fixed or I just lost this for all my chars affected by the bug?

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I thought it was odd that I had no rest bonus for chaos dungs but I did for guardian raids.

I also lost rest bonus on my characters.
Not sure if the compensation announced earlier is for this issue.
Can we get a confirmation?

I lost resting bonus in most of my characters (3/5 days resting bonus) are you telling me i have to suck it up and take those x2 aura of resonance and the mediocre rest as ‘‘compensation’’ to losing my RESTING BONUS? Wth…


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While the compensation is nice, it does suck that it rewards people who didn’t lose any chaos entry and those who lost it all on all their characters in their roster (including rested bonus) equally.

I didnt get any aura elixir
and why are you salty about what other people get?

It wouldn’t matter what other people get in a single player game, however in LOA it matters because of how market works and if everyone just gets free stuff it will just contribute to inflation.

While in the end it’s just chaos dungeon, imagine a scenario where half the people in your region would get some bug that wouldn’t allow them to log in for a week. Do you really think it would be appropriate for the other half who could still play and generate resources to also receive same compensation?

Chaos dungeons are some of the best value / day sinks in this game, though. The chaos dungeons my roster lost should average ~20k in shards, stones, leaps, and gems at current market values.

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