Are you getting lazy Smilegate?

Hey Team,

why are you not on the bot war any longer, the game is flooded with bots again as it was in the beginning of the game. What’s wrong? Not enough whales spending money? Sorry for the arrogant tone but I am a bit upset to see the same numbers as it was 3 months ago.
May I propose something? Why is it so hard for you to flag good accounts and exempt them from the ban filter? In market research we handled data bases by filtering twice and thrice of your baby sizes of users and yet we never had a bad apple left in our sample size. What’s so hard about this?
I am sure no expert on gaming data bases but I assume any data base can be filtered by good and bad accounts just as easily. Bots always need new accounts so why do you not have an intern ban them manually and overpay him like he’s the damn CEO of your tiny company?
Anyways, have fun I guess.


I still don’t know why they haven’t blocked all new account creation when they cannot manage it

only reason to leave it freely open would be for their PR to boost player numbers

We all know they are capable of doing this so “they dont have tools to do so” is just plain lie, remember when certain servers were locked on official launch after 3 day head start?

p.s.: they are arrogant and delusional if they think this would harm “new players” if there even are any.


I agree, I know they use the bot numbers to boast about total player numbers but it will bite them in the ass in the long run. It was good while it lasted, game will become stale by itself, even without bots. Have a good one!


Sry didn’t read the rest
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