Are you going to fix filter language?

It is so annoying, really annoying, also I mean the most annoying filter language I have seen in Lost Ark. Something is wrong, because you cant communicate like normal. You have to rewrite several times with right words to send texts, but it is not bad words. It cant happen like this and if you think filter language is fine then you are very wrong so you need to rethink about it.

I beg you to fix it so we can communicate better. So why you cant type “I am alone here”? Tell me what is the problem there? I am very angry because of bad filter language. Especially numbers and words at once make it much worse.

Do not ignore filter language isse so you have to solve it.

The fact that we have an enforced chat filter on an 18+ rated game never ceases to baffle me. Why no one even thought of making it a toggle is beyond me.

Wdym you can’t type *************** on chat?