Are you guys ready for the Assassin Mage?

:woman_facepalming: he knows his stuff… cy why…


These threads usually gets deleted. I’ve seen a couple just vanish.

Think they’re embaressed about it. Should just own it tbh, it’s kinda funny.


I think he represents AGS well. They know nothing about the game and just do/say random sht. They should own it and just laugh with him and everyone else. I’m not so sure about “Voice of the community” though. Definitely don’t want this guy speaking on my behalf about/for anything.


Do my eyes deceive me?

What a complete joke man , this past week I’ve barely logged on cause everyday I just feel more burned out from the random bs the companies try to feed us and seeing sh!t like this just doesn’t make it easier , we need real players as our CMs these ppl don’t know jack sh!t about the game so they’ll never see our side completely

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How extremely unprofessional, BUT funny. This dude’s a joke, I mean he’s mage assassin KEKW

he was talking about Aeromancer come on guys, he leaked the class for us but nobody paid attention, a man ahead his time

Thread disappearing in 3… 2… 1…

this reminds of when the Verge built a PC.

they know nothing about games in general* :>

Vykas guide by CyFy please <3

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