Are you hype after watching this?

personnally i am but maybe you should really fix the game like are we supposed to do it ourselves ?

and with this too -novsync -notexturestreaming -useallavailablecores ?

we are close to 1 year and nothing efficient has been made against rmt do you really ban them ? cause they are more bot than 2 or 3 month earlier
you can’t get rid of bots they are unlimited of them in china

perma ban rmt or negative gold like the pheons accident that touched legit and honest player ( i was sleeping didn’t get negativ pheon )
open a post a show all names, servers and how many gold banned people got

or a make an anonymous sytem like cs go have so player can identify and ban suspicious gold by providing multiple feedback

we know you don’t play the game but players know this is rmt or people transfer gold to their main roster from another acount which is not allowed either ( just some exemple )

see ya in 2 weeks when i’ll got suicided

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whoa whoa whoa OP is threatening self harm sounds like they are being WAY to combative that’s a ban MODS gettem!

trailer is a lie, it doesn’t highlight how the game is now a disconnect simulator

I started this game to beat Brelshaza but I’m not hyped at all.
I cant do a chaos without dcing, how should I do a raid with 7 other player if there is a dc in every try?

oh no daddy don’t do zyzz

trailer is not fake it has been recorded on kr version

i know what you feel but try to repair the virus anti cheat fortnite thx epic games yourself

I use to be hyped, been playing since founders, never missed any weekly’s daily’s until a few week’s ago. The continuous DCs has taken it’s toll on me. Stopped playing the game, have only logged in to claim dailies and set SH activities. Sad to say but it’s dying on me now and I really enjoyed this game too.

bruv, did you read what i put or are you just a shill?
I don’t say it’s fake, i say it’s a lie as it’s not showing the game to be a disconnect simulator as for a month now people have been disconnecting EN MASS and it’s not been fixed, so i can only summarize that the game is designed in this way as it’s supposed to simulate you being disconnect all the time.

i’m victim of dc since i’m on euc which the most impacted
it means amazon is clown if you can understand

i mean the game is managed like a shit since the first day so yeah nothing suprising here

Seems the joke flew right over your head. Have you never seen MiB?

Any hape left me months ago.

what are you talking about this is a very serious situation.

OP needs to be banned ASAP so they don’t have a platform to get attention for self harm.

How dare you call this a joke.

This is a HOOMAN LIFE!


Bots sure are hyped to see the RMT going full speed

They are indeed.

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Get them girls!?

damn bots popin off

I was hyped cuz i FINALLY get summoner (played summoner or necromancer in every game that ever had one), but i am not hyped for anything else. Players can barely manage to finish Vykas w/o wipes and dc. Just by changing maps you get dc, so how will they fix this issue?