Are you keeping an eye on the new servers?

Just to be sure are you keeping an eye on the new servers, so all dont just use 1 server. I have changed 2 times allready on the new servers because of player desided countrys. Now we have a chance to avoid overflow if you close them before they get crowded with new accounts, there should be enough servers now if we split up on them all.

Are you joking? :joy:

The new servers are dead AF, they aren’t even close to being full.

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no thank good, I see alot players on the one im on, so I think its great. I am also more worried about how the weekend goes. Its just to be sure they dont do same mistake to let all choose one server.

Tbh i see so many players I often chance channel to complete the quests, so dead i would not say.

Yeah, thank god there is nobody to play with on EUW, gonna be a great time. Kekw.

And i would rather play on an half full server than the insane ques

‘Half’ lolol. my guy, I would be willing to bet not even 1000 players went to the EUW servers.

I doubt you are right, I joined a german 1 first there was a huge amount of players then I leaved and joined another and i see a lot players everywhere. Some of you can just not be happy no matter what they do. Im really happy to get rid of que and can play when i want to. So you can say whatever you want I think its great. And so far I havent had problem joining any team

Good luck to you :grin:

Naraldeth is full of BS, while I do agree that EUW is relatively sparse compared to EUC, it’s not empty, it will be empty in 6 months when the total pop of this game drops under 500k, but that’s a long time from now.

In any case, I wouldn’t worry about EUW

I also have not deletet my old account in case it gets emty. I like solo play and is not into pvp so its all good for so far. Im also happy for the restart. You sometimes make wrong choices in a new game. And there are things ill do different on this account. so its a win win for me so far.

Yeah, no need to worry at all :joy: :joy:

Nice, now look at SA, NAE and NAW they all look like EW, stop cherry picking to validate you poor opinions.

Worst argument I’ve ever heard, an NA server can be propped up by a single streamer but sure whatever support the guy that wants to lock servers off with a low player base, I’m sure that’s really healthy for the future of the game. Get a clue please.

That is also not the correct server list for EU W. For some reason those are the NA East servers that are shown as EU W. But I’m sure it doesn’t change the fact that they are likely not all busy nor at full capacity.

Now that you argument was invalidated you turn to false information, nowhere in the OP’s post did he suggest to lock anything, he asked if amazon are looking at pop of each server in order to try and avoid what happened in EUC

Seems like he did suggest to close (lock) servers for new players to avoid what happened in EU Central.

yea in case they get full not before, but you can turn the question in the direction you want it to be. Thats in you head not mine. Its funny how this question turned out to be something it was not ment to be.

Oh you wanted a serious answer?

No - Amazon are not watching your server, they don’t give a shit about EU.

You’re welcome.

if you close them before they get crowded.

Sounds like you wanted the lock before it ever got full but I appreciate English isn’t your first language.

I’m not taking sides, just stating what was written.
Not even arguing about whether servers should be closed or not, nor about the when.