Are you keeping an eye on the new servers?

You do realise that the server status pics you posted are for NA servers; the EUW server status isn’t showing correctly… That said, the EUW servers are all showing as good currently, however, I’ve been on Moonkeep and it is really busy, and full of English. It’s possible that overtime those wanting English communities will go there. This is especially true as new players come in from those communities as EU-West is generally more popular than EU-Central(east) in all games.

Not sure why you are getting so irritable over it all anyway though…

I’m not irritable I’m just passing time at work :grin:

New players will 100% go to EUW, no queues, large english speaking community.
I suppose it depends more on whether the retention is higher in newer players, or the existing playerbase, because if it’s option A then RIP EU Central, If it’s B (which is more likely) then it’s RIP EUW.

It might actually have helped to keep the locks in place.
Some Friends would be stuck on different servers and might be more inclined to restart now to be able being in the same guild.

Fair enough. Either way you should roll a char on EUW and login for 3 days to get the 14 day aura :smiley:

Yeah I will make a toon on EUW just for the rewards, I doubt i’ll be playing there though, we’ve got a 70 man guild and nobody wants to start again.

Wait the aura is also working if you are on another datacenter?

Yes indeed, and the 3 day login provides 14 days additional aura, so worth the effort of going there :slight_smile:

I didn’t know that it worked cross centers.
I know it works across servers on a datacenter but that it’s also across all centers is new for me.

Your Aura just binds itself to your account, regardless of region or server.

To those who said here that the new region is emty. There are 4 servers now marked as busy, so I was right when I said there are more players than you think.

Nice, ‘Busy’, Meanwhile there are still 4 hour queues on all of the EUC servers.

No content between the two.