Are you kidding me AGS?

i wanted to watch some new videos from random people just typed in youtube lost ark and the first what i saw…

This is a serious joke

what did you saw?
Edit: oh lol well, AGS can’t take down those sites sadly (also imagine not using adblocker kekw)

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but come on how you can promo somethink what is illegal on youtube… google joke better they promo drugs and guns nextime

Anyone can buy an ad on Youtube.

If you wanted, you can buy an ad showing kittens. Google won’t stop you as long as it’s not blatantly offensive and you can swipe your card.

AGS does lots of things wrong but this isn’t their responsibility.

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imagine you selling blizzard stuff and ad on youtube. You dont want to know what happen with you right.

Just type in buy wow gold on Youtube. There’s videos of it.

Why don’t you tell me what will happen?

Because based on the videos that come up, demonstrably nothing.

Lol man, I know AGS did a lot of wrong things and decisions, but they are not responsible for that at all, what do you think they should do? Ask google to kindly remove those?

IKR, that stupids clickbait called “Lost Ark Summer Roadmap”…

Yeah obviously AGS has no control over what ads you see :joy: You can always report them though. hit the 3 little dots to the right of the ad.

i removed the picture for not ad here this trash