Are you serious about this event daylies?

AFK 3min each quest ? is this even real ?
Dyum I’m having so much fun.


When you do this shit on 3 alts you literally have to wait 27min what is this.


3 alts… 3 minutes each… equals 27 minutes?

Yep math checks out, totally.


Watch the relaxing waves…

And rest…

dude youre so dumb its insane. You have to do 3 quest each taking 3min. 3x3=9. Now you do this on 3 alts 3x9=27.

this is really insane that you even went out of your way to type this.


re you kidding with this event ? Like we are working and when you can play a few hour a day MAX you make us afk a few minutes.?? what the hell is even that !

I knew this would be the reaction when ppl find out.
This AFKing is the summer event is so bad is hillarious and it is clearly stated in the patchnotes xD.

However 9 mins per alt? Is like the chicken one? In that one i only did the things on main and it was enough to clean the event shop

nice job AGS. finally some real good content, thank you!

just if you could please increase the 3 minutes to at least 10 so i can make coffee and eat some stuff, 3 is a bit too short, thank you


I’m at work so haven’t even seen the event yet, didn’t know it was 3 different quests that all take 3 minutes kek. Your original post does make it seem the way I said tho

This event was not worth the loss of summer skins.

Yea maybe you read the orignal post

As you can see EACH QUEST. Also if you don’t know anything about this just dont typ shit you don’t know.

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Think you need to touch grass friend. You seem a little hostile

Not only that, if you want to do both event you need to wait 10 minutes as well. I don’t get how forcing us to not play was thought as a good idea.

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I’ll do that and even give you a free reading lesson.

Look at this guy:

  1. Tried to gotcha someone by insulting them
  2. Got his math corrected cause he can’t read or can’t transform the sentence into 3^3
  3. Made excuse instead of owning up
  4. Called out again
  5. Got mad, started insulting the same person again


@Drancia thanks for the content


I was never mad. The other guy, on the other hand… Seems to be having a rough day

Bro, why so defensive? Math is hard. we all know 3x4 = 16

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He’s not talking about you lol. He’s talking about the other guy. He even @‘d him.

Its a bit of insulting for all players. They are laughing at us with this kind of content

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Lol what a fucking joke. Did the dailies one time, no shot I’m doing this bull shit again.