Arena and why you are struggling

Let me preface this by saying. Its your fault and its everyone on your teams fault, until…You get higher ranks.

Biggest things you are not doing:
#1 you’re not communicating and your team isnt communicating when someone no longer has a roll. Knowing when someone has no escape is so big for securing kills. See way too many people blow their load on someone just to watch them roll out of it. Ping system is there for a reason, use it. It will make a huge diff.
#2 you’re not aware of what your actual role/responsibility is. (Ex. you’re playing DB into a team with a Destro/Striker/Sorc and you’re not actually pressuring the sorc and instead think doing damage into the other 2 is meaninful)
#3 you dont know your combos/SA’s which means you dont know the enemies combos/SA’s
#4 your tunneling…This is probably the biggest issue. l2p is thrown around a lot for a reason. IF your team doesnt have their rolls up and they get hit with CC, BAIL THEM OUT…
#5 You’re probably playing DB/Sorc/Gslinger…This is a jest, but its honestly truthful. Im not saying either are bad (truthfully think all classes are viable depending on skill level), but picking difficult classes is a massive problem when you’re fully not aware of how the game works. If you dont know the name of the opponents ability that hit you - you dont know the game (simple equation).
#6 you are taking it wayyyy too seriously. Game hasnt been out long enough to berate your team. You’re also the same MMR, meaning you do dumb shit too :slight_smile:
#7 Its not because “X” class is broken…You just dont know how X class works. I see enough “Sorc is BS” posts on this forum to know that’s half the population of the games opinion.
#8 If you’re here from League of Legends, you probably brought all the same bad habits/tendencys with you. If you were toxic/and always blamed others - you’re doing it here too.
#9 you arent actually willing to do anything to improve. You just keep spamming games thinking you’re going to iron it along the way or that matchmaking is going to bless you for “x” amount of games in a row.
#10 you have no actual game plan/strategy and you’re doing the same thing every game regardless of your comp or you’re enemies. You cant play the same Vs DB/Sorc/Pala that you would Bard/Destro/Striker. I mean, you can try - but you’re results are going to be extremely inconsistent unless you’re just wayyyy better than the MMR you are in.

Notes: All of this may be false, its just honest takeways from someone who has played Moba’s/MMO PvP for over 10 years. These almost always are the biggest issues, even if they are the most basic of flaws. Simply enough, you just arent there yet. Whether you get better or not, actually just depends on you and wanting to actually get better :slight_smile:


#11. Matchmaking fails 20 times in a row and you can’t even get a match


Ye true, PPL dont know thier roles or thier teammates roles, PPL arent flexible.

Yes you can go full braindead with destro and db in team but if you get RatShooter you need to be defensive and setup easy shots for him(or he will be useless)

We dont have good pvp guilde for our relase, and there is huge skill gap vs ppl that already played thier class on RU/KR client.
PPL say that “play 1v1 mode you will learn pvp faster” Thats BS, 1v1 and 3v3 is sooo much different. Others say “watch pvp guide for your class” what does nothing, Proper positioning and understanding what to do when is not “use those tripods” problem. So how to learn pvp? Grind till it clicks? Read Maxrol.xD? Play all classes till you learn thier weakness? Just how much time player needs to invest to be decent?

where is 11. because your teammate keeps charging at the enemy at the worst time by himself , essentially doing nothing and feeding all game

how do you get out of this one? do tell

If I remember correcly they way out is - Play sorc/Arti till higher rank then swap to main.

Agreed. I think the main thing is to not take it too personally when you lose. For me I get really down because when I lose as bard, I just get pounded into the ground.

1 st this is fcking random que in ranked!
2. 90% there are stupid morons what eat shit all day and they dont care
3. there are no op clases
4. ppl strugling coz of lack of skill
5. ppl dont know how to control field they just rush in to 1 target and failing
6. this game as korean game dont love noobs!

this game is total noob fest i mean.and thes aburigens 90% playing in your tm and queing ranked

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I am Struggling.

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This comment right here
You are part of a huge problem in pvp atm
You just look at dmg done and dmg taken. The two stats are completely meaningless

It doesnt tell anything at all

You want to look at:
Are you playing your class with the intended role?
Are you team playing as intended
Are you and your team assisting each other?
track of CCs and CDs
just to mention a few

I see way too often people not willing to drop their combos to help out team mates
I see far too often supports not actually knowing what peeling means and on top of that they run around not understanding spacing and positioning at all
The amount of times I see 2 people hunting a fcking gunslinger all across the map and NOT catching him for almost the entire match
Tunnel vision is one of the worst things I see

But sure go ahead. You just look at dmg done and dmg taken and learn nothing at all

You just look at dmg done and dmg taken. The two stats are completely meaningless.

It’s not meaningless, it’s never completely meaningless.
It’s a good reference point, especially on your early career in pvp, to figure out what you might need to work on. 1 game’s win condition cannot be analyzed based on those stats alone but do give them a look every now and then. It’s information could help you better understand what you could need to work on. If you’re playing a new class and your damage is always subpar you might need to figure out what is the issue. If you are always top on damage taken maybe you should be a little more conservative.
Don’t just throw around absolute statements to make your’s seem more impactful.

you better fix your language. The biggest problem in all games are toxic people like you! Call people aborigen, noob fest etc.


Let him be, he is zerker or sorc so let him be mad on his braindead class

my main is destroyer for pvp and alt is deathblade

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Maybe it would help if Amazon’s translation team didn’t do crazy shit like give us “Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity” which doesn’t actually have anything to do with Paralysis and you wouldn’t know as a player unless someone else told you because all you’d know is you keep trying it and getting destroyed with no meaningful feedback about what you’re doing wrong.

I’m still struggleing in finding out what my role as SS is.

First I thought its a DD… but in PvP, its seems my DPS is BS compared to other DDs.
Then I thought: Maybe an assistance, but this is so insanely teambased … if I don’t have one real DD, Im fcked.

For now I keep with the “Stay invisible by your dd and then use CC combos to help him secure kills/ help him run”

But yeah, still hard to find out.

every player is newbie at some point. The word noob is toxic as well. And i am sure you copy paste the exact same build and que for ranked.

Toxic people like you discourage other people to play and learn, thats how.