Arena Matchmaking is really bad

So, after like 100 PVP matches I have noticed a few inconsistencies which make arena almost unplayable.

As an average Joe with decent damage with deadeye and Arti, I usually have my 500k dmg, and one of my teammates do well, but for some reason, there is always 1 deadweight who is literally just a punching bag. The worst so far was a Shadowhunter with 22k dmg…

So I guess there is one in the enemy sometimes (of course I feel like it is always in my team), but with this, I can play whatever is better than the opponent, the matches depend on who gets the noob. It does not matter, how well you play in those matches as it is like a 3v2 which you tend to lose.

Personally, I wouldn’t start the rank with 1500, because that is actually a higher rate right now, and people just getting thrown into the dicer, while they not just getting beaten to oblivion, they also getting flamed in the comp, since it is a competitive place where people does not tolerate total useless teammates.

I would reconsider how to build that matchmaking as in its current form it rather gives us headaches than any joy. I really would like to play close and balanced matches not playing RNG which is the curse of this game.


Here is my POV as a sorc player im very dependant on my teammates peeling for me.
Im gold, in a bad game i will do around 200k dmg in good games 500-600k
and its not because my skill changes, usually when i lose or get a really bad game its because my teammates dont peel for me.
i can only do so much until i run out of escapes/ cc if a striker and a deathblade are constantly jumping on me and i dont get any help from my team.
Also im myself trying to peel for my team as good as i can, which also can be very difficult if one just jumps in solo or they split up as soon as the game starts.

so honestly 2 tips: Play around your teammates and support your teammates, ideally you want to keep track of every players spacebar-get up ability and then support your team if theirs is on CD and focus the enemy who has CD on his.
-Dont be that guy that jumps in 1v3 goes full tunnelvision and then blames his teammates for not doing well.

and just an offtopic tip in general, dont knock down people that are in stuns or electrocuted, you are helping them because now they can spacebar. i see this happen way too often when i stun them and my teammates save them from my burst with a knockdown

Ah the knockdown. I don’t even go in to that.
As an arti , around 1500 no one knows this. Literally every paladin I am currently playing with keep knocking down people I stun and I cant make my combo. I wish I could just ban them until gold, because on this level most people has very limited knowledge.

Well for me the worst thing about the ranked PvP in Lost Ark is that it is not pre made. You just toss a coin before every game and hope you have luck to win. So instead the strongest to win, its the luckiest. Like really… Ranked pvp should be all about team play, working with players of your skill and improving together, matching your playstyles and classes you want to play with.

And about players skill- so far the worst players i have seen are sorceresses, artillerists that ignore when enemy team has 2 melee players focusing 1 melee of their own team (instead just use 2-3 AOE spells and turn the table around) and just use all spells on the 1 that is split and missing everything for obvious reasons. And ofc i cant miss to mention the all the useless sharpshooters that stay afk whole game.

I think the frustration would be way less if we would be matched against our skill level, not a total mixture of experienced PVP and total noobs.

The game already has loads of annoying RNG, PVP shouldn’t be one…

With this we can just go and afk in the arena to get the points then done. (maybe that would be the best to protest against the current circumstances)

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if duo que is together with solo que, then we will have unfair environment. Imagine 2 players with voice chat and 1 random vs 3 randoms. Solo/Duo que is working in PvP with bigger teams and maps. Here 3vs3 i don’t find it viable. If there are 2 different ques for solo and duo, then you will wait for matches a lot longer because the small PvP population will be spread.

its 3v3, not 2 pre made and 1 random vs 3 randoms. 3 pre made vs 3 pre made that is how ranked pvp has always been. And while i am at it. they can introduce 2v2 ranked pvp pre made as well as separate queue.