Arena pvp at lvl 10

Arena pvp should be accessible at lvl 10 aka without having to quest. The pvp in this game is absolutely insane and a lot of people who would play it are not interested in grinding a campaign for 4 hours+.

The reason why the pvp isn’t that popular is because a lot of players who play lost ark aren’t pvp players and the pvp in this game is way too complexe for those players to bother spending time on learning it. On the flip side, people who would love complexe pvp are not people who loves grinding quests and and dailies and alts. By making the pvp accessible at lvl 10 you would get a lot more players who are solely focused on pvp and they would spend money to buy skins etc. That’s a big win for everyone no?

Baiting players with 11 greater leapstone doesn’t seem like the best way to populate the arena.