Argon Island Token Rework

Argon island has set up a system of inherent griefing.

Sculptures spawn at reset and groups of players rush to get to a block. Generally, one player one block so they may obtain a soul token.
However, it is not set up to reward any player who hits the block. I spent over 2 hours on the island watching a group of 5-7 players destroy every block believing it was simply RNG. After explaining the process of how the island actually works, they continued making it almost impossible for anyone to complete the task, even players who had already obtained the soul were destroying blocks just for fun.

Please consider making this island an instance for x players equivalent to x sculptures / change it so damage done to the sculpture is awarded to the first person who hits it or rework spawn timer so completed statues despawn at a better rate than 24 hours giving players a better chance through out the day.

Thank you