Argon Isle Soul

Just…why, lol? Make an Island soul behind something that some random troll can just come up and ruin your day.

Yeah, I dislike that island. Every time I get there the statues are already done.

Honestly this is worse than the isle of yearning island in many ways …

lmao - no

Argon actually felt nice to get, once I managed to properly setup the statue for the Drill.
This island does become 100x easier to do once you get the Pan tho, so you could just wait.

I disagree , the rng on yearning is horrid but at least you can talk with others there and…you know…DO IT.

Here you just kinda hope to find an unused statue and then hope bob mctrollison doesn’t stroll around to grief you …

Again, Yearning is just horrid rng … Argon is human rng topped of with toxic enablement