Argons island feedback

Due to people not being able to resist to use their fists on sculptures, it’s become a very toxic place.

My solution is this: Hand out the ice sculpting tool to everybody that enters the island.

No need for mokoko skillet anymore, just grab the tool and now everybody deals 1 damage instead of making it a 10% casino roll everytime a fist player enters the island.

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I haven’t even bothered to go there. With the EU timer still not fixed, the isle refreshes at 2am for me. Not gonna sit here for that long, only to get griefed.

I just completely wrote this island off from my to do list. Basically, won’t even consider doing it not worth the time and effort.

Went there this morning, lucky enough to get on one to start banging away with my frying pan…fucking 1475 zerker with a +20 weapon comes around and starts breaking everyones sculptures.

I hate people…