Argos and Abrelshud nerf next?

I’m absolutely sure what’s gonna happen next. When Argos and Abrel come out, first post in the forums will be “I put 3K dollars to whale to T3 and now I can’t do the boss, because it’s too hard”.

If you think Guardian raids are hard, you have no idea what’s coming in terms of difficulty about Legion raids. I suggest you quit the game now, and stop QQing on forums, ruining the experience for us who like challenges and worthy opponents. There is no better feel to beat a hard boss and be rewarded greatly for it. The game is based on team play, especially in Legion raids, so I really hope they won’t nerf the upcoming raids for that matter.


So a 50% HP buff on Guardians that isn’t there in Korea is a nerf?


It’s not that the Guardians are hard. They take more time. Specifically more time than in KR.

That’s what ppl were complaining about.

For me I don’t care. And nobody was talking about Legion Raids. You are talking hypotheticals that aren’t here.

They were the same rate as in Korea before they got nerfed in Korea to get new players to catch up sooner.

That made some western players familiar with the KR/RU version whine around.
It made sense to have that 50% buff in our version since we all start from scratch. There is nothing to catch up to.

But still ppl complained because they take 10min longer to grind on each character. Instead of just playing the game at the pace it was aaaaall at the beginning.

So what do they do now?

They make the raids the same they are in KR right now. Like the whiners asked.

But reading is hard and now all hell breaks lose because of that poorly worded announcement that our version specifically gets nerfed.

Just. Play. The. Game.

We must stand up to Amazons against touching anything T3. The current need is more or less fine but don’t you dare NERF anything T3. Plus, there’s multiple difficulties for these raids, afaik, so the more reason not to touch them.

Also, bots should be your Prime Gaming priority right now, not anything else, except for maybe finally adding more goddamn skins to the game. Did y’all suddenly forget to like money randomly or wut?

Which buff?
There is no guardian buff, NA and EU players are just whining noobs

Did you even read the thread you linked? There was a buff, but it was for all regions, thats why people that played T1/2 in other versions think its harder… also we dont have the mokoko buff so IT IS harder in our version.

a daily content = raid, ok noted…