Argos Blood disappeared from my Inventory!

Hi Team

I experience the issue, when I finished Argos this week my Argos Blood what I save from last week disappear from my inventory.
Insted I recived only 10 Argos Blood for finish the Argos raid in this week.
Before I joined to the Raid Still I had a few Bloods now I have to waiting till reset to collect more

Hello @71hemik,

Welcome to the Lost Ark Forum! :man_mage:

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us, I’m so sorry to hear that your argos blood disappeared from your inventory.

Just to clarify, the blood you had before this week’s activity disappeared after you finished the raid? Is it possible that you dismantled the items by accident? I’m just asking to make sure is not a bug, what i recommend you to do is the following:

  1. Close Lost Ark completely
  2. Close Steam
  3. Run Steam as administrator
  4. Check the game files on Steam
  5. Open Lost Ark.

This will help us in case is just a visual bug, if it is the items should be back in your inventory, however, if that’s not the case I recommend you to contact live support so one of our agents can check what happened with the items.

Hope this helps! :mage: