Argos Blood Issues

After finishing Argos at 1385 this week, I bought the wrong chest piece for my set bonus(harsh oath instead of preordained). Is there any way to get my chest piece changed to the correct one or have my account rolled back to the point before I purchased the piece?

Char is Brega on Avesta

if you only crafted it just dismatle it, you get bloodstones back

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There is no customer support offered for in-game items. If you have already transferred your honing you are screwed, however; if you have not transferred it yet, you can disassemble the piece and you will be refunded all the Argos Blood back which you can then use to create the correct set piece. I disassemble to reroll the quality so I can confirm you will get the blood back.

I did the same thing, but I also transferred the honing level, which means Icannot disassemble it as I would lose the honing level.