Argos Bus Failures

I recently had an argos bus in shambles as I, a passenger paid for a bus and it took us 50+ minutes to finish the bus. How many failures do you give your drivers before you start begging for your gold? :slight_smile:

I experienced the same thing here. Paid after P2 for my 2 man bus and they took about an hour to clear P3. Probably over 6 fails. There were a few people who were upset about them failing so often and were asking for refund but they kept saying they were so close to clearing. Quite annoying and time consuming.

My new expectation for bussing argos is 4+ fails = leave or refund.

Don’t take buses when players are below 1480 etc. 2 man specifically - 4 is more leeway.

Usual clear is 20-25 mins - I’ve had one go for 40 because we’d get night phase change and seeds 6 times in a row, praise rngesus.

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LoL what? Ive bought plenty of buses for my alts where the carriers were 1465 to 1470 and were cleared within 30 minutes or less.

And the only time a buss was failed was where the main was 1495 and his partner was 1485, they literally just kept failing part 2 over and over to the point where the main refunded the whole buss group.

So i would really like to know where your logic is at lol.

ilvl is a dog shit indicator of someones clear speed since armor taps give very little when it comes to potential dps. plus extremes exist where a 1500 thats afk will get gapped by a 1415 that has a functioning brain

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nah, then maybe they dont die lol.

Way to many bus driver that shouldnt be allowed to bus :rofl:

have done bus yesterday, with my 1482,5 destroyer with +21 weapon. with me was 1505 chadlancer. Was done in 30 minutes, but more than 5 minutes were gem handlings, because there was one pepega. So 30 minutes is like okay for 2 man. 4man should be easier and faster.

  1. Never pay before end of P2
  2. If the players fail more than 4 times then it’s time to quit
  3. Unless the gold price starts going down by 100 for each wipe

As long as they don’t give up and get it done then I figure I got what I paid for. Unless they specify fast then I just deal with it.

If you’re bussing 2man you’ll probably be getting some wipes to the flower collecting mechanic in P3 until you get it down. It’s the hardest one to do as 2man cause you need to be fast to cover 2 sides each. Everything else is really easy. The safe bubble one during Dawn can be bad as well if you mistake rain dot bubble for the one that prevents dying.

Did you wipe at all in P3? I ran 2man in 35 minutes but we wiped twice on the flower mechanic.

Everyone trying to bus when some individuals shouldnt be.

Giving a bad name to bussers and reason why theres this whole pay after P2 now

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Gearscore is no marker for a good bus runner or bad… maybe the lower gs person will turn on the heat even more as a more higher player.
If 3 or more fails start for refund, or atleast some of it, so drivers can just bid 2k on a worthless auction and youll get discounted or some shit.
Nighttime shouldnt be an issues aswell, prepare to get the seeds as 2 man .

i never buy bus bc i don’t think nowadays our server has a lot of quality driver

youre saying to watch iLvl but can clear nightphase with seeds ? then you shouldnt bus at all no matter your iLvl…

Only way you can charge them prior to entry is if you have a youtube video.

We just link our duo 15 min no fail on the title every week

Yeah the collecting one during night time is basically guaranteed. The 3 ones I’ve been getting the most are:

Running to the safe spot seed during the day
Collecting seeds/flowers during the night
Getting into the safe bubble during the dawn

Usually don’t get more than one per phase or don’t even get one in the third phase cause boss dies before that.

I don’t think youtube video really matters. It shows that you’ve done it before but every run can be different. Being half a second too far out of position when collecting at night starts can get you wiped. The 2 times we wiped yesterday we got all the seeds/flowers but he still killed us cause we were a bit too late twice because we started in like corners of the room. Bad positioning I guess.

Server or Region? People are selling busses cross-server not just for your server. There are some that only sell for the server though.

I think we had that issue when we first bussed but havent had it for 2 months now. We just decide one person to take north and west and i usually take south and east. I save my mobility skill knowing that mech is most likely to come around 30 seconds right after entering the phase change