Argos bus scam Tamathex

this guy with is other 3 carry scammed all of us in argos bus, we all bought it and they cancelled and declined the rewards in p2 @Roxx

They can’t do anything about it

i mean maybe they can punish him cuz they opened a new party and they’re full again. they will do it again.

Nah they authorize it but won’t ban scammers, it happened several times that’s why there’s discord bus servers with a rep system

More like you will be punished since it is not allowed to publicly pillory other people here.
You can use the AGS Support website for this.

Rip, if you’re on NAE you should always ride the Veggie Express, as long as you see one member of our guild with the Slime Island tag.

:star::star::star::star::star: Rating on Uber, ty

Can’t we just hang them out with player names and server so people are aware?

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Mind sharing the name of that discord?

discords are they only real option to reduce the chance of getting scammed.
2 man busses could possibly be less risky too. tho they could have two 1370 friends join.
and idk if they get entry tickets if they would choose to dc and the passengers complete the raid at g2.
didnt take any busses so i only had ppl not paying… resulting in starting all over :s

regarding discord server: just google there are a few for specific regions

I have and “lost ark bus discord” isn’t offering me any helpful results

What region are you in? If NA West I can help.

NA East? How did you find the NA West discord?

There was a thread on here that had a list of all the different servers discord links but the owner is a kid I think… he got into some drama with someone and replaced the entire list with his personal squabble with that person instead.

If anyone has links to the bus stations feel free to drop them as I dont think the links are listed anywhere else on the forums at the moment.


It was advertised on here. I joined when the server was still new. There are reputation system and places to report scams. But you’re NA East so I don’t know sorry. Maybe someone else can help.

Scamming someone and possibly getting in more trouble than it’s worth for… 1.5k gold

Times have gotten hard it seems

If it was a 4 man carry don’t you have enough votes to deny the quitting vote and the accepting of rewards? Unless one of the other people who got scammed voted along with them? o.0