Argos bussing failures

Question to you experienced andies - How many times is acceptable to fail in a bus? I’ve been in a bus that has failed 4 times at p2 telling me to calm down because I want out? Am I in the wrong here? I’m also being kept hostage to continue watching this pathetic excuse of a bus. Is there some sort of unwritten rule for bussing? Because personally I’m very frustrated to be paying for a service that is shit. I don’t mind 1 fail but 3 or more is becoming ridiculous. Thoughts please.

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It’s fine to fail once (maybe twice if it’s quick and something dumb like someone forgetting a battle item). Anything more and you should get refunded


If you buy a 2 man bus for example it can take a while in g2 so better be ready to be in argos for over 30min.

Depends on the gear levels of the players bussing. For 1 I have personal lower gear level limits for joining a 2man bus since theres a higher chance of them just dying (not knocking them but can only judge based on their stats). Its also why I dont do any upfront payments for argos either as P2 is the “general” sticking point.

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its fine to fail once as 2 man bus on p3 if you get orbs. Although you can do orbs on p3 as spec class there is still abit of rng. Thats it shouldnt fail anything else

There is no unwritten rule, anything you join in party finder outside of bus discords is completely up to you and bussers. Join discord which you can find by googling and stop joining cheapest groups

This all is really a matter of opinion since there is no enforceable rule. There is no way to get a refund without the driver issuing one. Because of this the best you can do is remember the drivers name and not use them again.

Just so we are clear I am not saying its ok to fail endlessly and tell riders to chill. We all have our opinions on what’s acceptable but there is no actual rule to enforce.

I’m sorry but to say “stop joining cheapest groups” is ridiculous. When you see a bargain in a shop I imagine you go buy the most expensive one instead of the one that is 15% cheaper for the same thing? What a load of non-sense.

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Ridiculous is thinking you are getting same service when paying 20% less, get real here. You get what you pay for

The bussing and that there is no band finder for plants 2 and 3 is a shit. In practice it limits the current options to two, pay or stay on floor 1. Then the content with alter before reaching 1370 is hellish, dungeons and guardians that do not end. Engravings only in negative and nothing positive. All without buying a sad upgrade knowing that the pheon is a fraud to spend before 1415.

A maximum of 3 failures and only in P2 then it’s a refund. P2 orb pick up mech with 2 players can be a bit of a hastle at times if you’re badly positioned when it starts, otherwise there is 0 reason to fail an Argos bus 3+ times.

my Thoughts you are paying to not play and you are forced to stare at nothing while you dont play and they fail, seem perfect for me, deserved.

For me, only “acceptable” wipe in argos is in phase 3 on shrooms since they can sometimes be tricky in 2 man run.
Phase 2 is pretty much brainded → Do dmg and don’t die to dmg, no fancy mechs or anything like that so if people are dying to it they are either undergeared or have no idea what they are doing. Or both. For sure I would quit if my bus failed 4 times p2.

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I give leeway in p3, but none in p2. You’re overgeared and both sides are basically damage checks. Kill it and go while the other guy can dance with Argos for fun.

p3 I have some empathy for since Day/Night Safe spot can be disrupted by a disobedient customer who doesn’t die, so you gotta waste time and drag Argos over etc. Night time seeds can be tricky too but usually isn’t a huge issue if you have a Swiftness Robe for slower characters.

You should not be doing argos bus if you wipe due to getting a bad mech. You should be able to either do mech 100% or just have enough DPS to skip mech in p2

In KR if you fail once it a refund cause they believe if you are able to bus you shouldn’t waste the running time by dying. In NAE i seen couple room name that (die once refund)

I recommend if you are a runner dying first and respawn don’t go back into the area with argos. When the poison plant mech pops go in and help the busser pick them up so you will never wipe. (This is the one mech i say it harder for bussing cause how the auto pick up is)

I usually do argos bus with my friend first Try in around 15 minutes as we are both 1500+ with decent gear but recently we experienced 2 bugs in phase 3, we stood in Golden bean for about 5-7 seconds during the major wipe mechanic during the day phase but we didnt get the debuff and we died and second time it did not appear at all so we also died because its impossible to do this mechanic without the Golden bean, but thank fully some buyers didnt afk and seen this happen and calmed down rest of the buyers that were afk and were confused why we wiped twice and they wanted a refund because of it.

Long story short, If the busers wipe because of a bug then it’s fine because it’s not really busers fault but if people wipe more than 1-2 times just because they died from taking damage then they should not do buses and refund the Gold.

Depends. I once failed a P3 bus three times, but got it on the fourth. That was due to the seed wipes being clunky with the pickups. Still, I promised a refund if I didn’t get it right then.

As a passenger in an AFK bus I’d have a bit more tolerance, depending on the scenario. If it were due to clunky mechs or people not dying before P3 sun wipes I would consider those mulligans. OTOH if it’s fails due to a lack of DPS or lack of knowledge of mechs I’d go the three strikes-and-out route.

i expect a full refend if you fail the bus even once. you should not be charging if your bus has high likelihood of crashing. an instant reset because you forgot a battle item is fine. if you died due to failing a mechanic or taking too much damage or resetting more than a minute into each phase and you don’t refund, it is enough to be blacklisted. you should not take bus rides from drivers who are unskilled or do not respect your time.