Argos bussing failures

I crashed a couple of pulls because the night phase mushroom mechanic sometimes doesn’t register that you picked up the mushrooms for some reason. Idk… sometimes my character is running over the mushroom for a solid 1-2 seconds and the game still thinks I didn’t pick it up yet.

Honestly I’m a patient passanger lol. If the raid wipes a few times it doesn’t matter to me considering it is usually a 2 man team doing the job of a full 8 man team… And those 2 people are human afterall…


What if there is an unwritten rule. What you going to do with it. lol.

No wipes in P1 or P2. One or two P3 wipes is amenable since sometimes the balls dont explode when you run over them in night phase.

87 wipes and then im really starting to think about maybe getting upset

First isnt really a bug, all party members need to stand in bean, thats why its important for them to die before mech.

For second its a bug because dead party member icons on minimap overlap the bean so it doesnt appear on minimap. In that case you need to run to dead party member icons


That’s pretty much it.

The honest answer is if you are wiping 2-3+ times on P2 it’s perfectly fair to say you want out. If the others being carried (there should be 5 or 6 at least since there is no way a 4 man bus is failing that hard) you win the vote anyway

P3 can have some wonky RNG, a carry decides to run off in a corner and not die and gets an orb under him. You get stunned during the looting the cardinal purples, etc. But all in all you shouldn’t be wiping more than once or twice in a run at most.

No fails is expected. Sellers need to learn how to actually do the raid. I really think it should be expected to do a free bus / trial to confirm that you can actually run without fails consistently before even trying to sell.

Its bad to generalize but sometimes it just saves you time. I usually avoid non-founders servers and avoid people that are not part of reputable guilds.

Not really. Mistakes happen and sometimes you might get an unlucky pattern or server issue (i.e. lag). It’s fine to fail once generally as long as the driver immediately says sorry. KR people only have problem with people who fail more than once and just don’t say anything or act like they didnt’ do anything wrong

I note this week alot andi drivers i got 3 pt witch fail at p2 and one can’t do p3 guess dont join low ilvl grp but even then is not guaranteed

It’s going to be expected that as more people gear up mains and even trying to squeeze by cheap with alts that bus that some runs are going to be scuffed especially if it’s a 2 man run.

A lot of people are just getting into bussing now in general and there is clearly a market for more drivers. Since bussing is not in any way regulated in game there are going to be some crashed busses.

Such is the nature of the game.

Bussing is literally the wild wild west.

You basically just gave someone gold legitimately for free, and hope they don’t scam you. They know this and also know you’re are at the mercy of the bussers. Don’t take the risks if you’re not willing to accept that this will happen imo.

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Depends on how many “Collect the orbs” and spread night patterns the boss decides to use. Even as a 4-man bus these patterns are iffy and may cause a restart

Bussing discords usually say 3 tries and you’re out. So if they fail 3 times I’d call it quits unless the fail was due to some weird bug etc.

Also busses for Argos shouldn’t take longer than 20 mins not including the time it takes for people to buy an item off the auction house as payment. If it’s taking longer then the people who are bussing are way too undergeared to be providing a quick service or are bad.

Do not agree at all. One person takes top and the other takes bottem and you move clockwise. These things should be figured out before hand so you don’t run into issues. Even with that stage it’s close to impossible to fail it even with 2 people provided you are not standing next to eachother when it starts.

The only acceptable wipes are from 2 man groups at phase 3 when you have to grab purple seeds in night phase but other than that wiping anywhere else is cringe

Oh yeah that is definitely doable, but if wipes happen there because of bad random patterns that’s nothing out of the norm here, which is the point here. It’s quite expected that moderate bussers wipe there once or even twice

The orbs are a different thing because they start hitting and stunning you at some point and if the boss charges to an awkward position and they spawn an orb on the other side at the last moments then you might just be hecked. Saw a 1500 andy wipe back to back to that super unlucky scenario. I guess you can just time stop it though

I guess. I’d be willing to give the people bussing a chance if they wiped to the night mech but realistically they shouldn’t be for the most part.

Oh yeah if they keep wiping to other mechanics besides these it’d be way more alarming, but these 2 things mess up even gigachads sometimes so if they wipe a time or two on these mechanics it’s just another day in the park and you go again