Argos caught cheating 👀(Video)

Our lil boi Argos decided to use some cheat codes lol

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Had something similar with the other pizza today in p1 xD. Stood on the right field in the top right but got yeeted

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Hahaha boy is gettin mad from all the smackin these days hahaha

i’ve had small memory pizza do this to me once, only have been doing it weekly on 2 chars and it hasn’t been common for me so i assumed it was a ping spike that caused it since my internet isn’t the best.

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Maybe it provocates him if his visitors dance like morons around a campfire while he swaps sun and moon xD

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Not sure but the boy got some move up in his sleeve hahaha

When Argos has had enough of your shit

Hahahha “man fk this shit i am DONE”

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As a wise man one said “with great responsibility comes great amount of people that will try to kill you for gold, loot and flex” hahahhaha

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this exact thing happened to me when i did argos 3 days ago…

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This happened to me in small pizza too…

Gonna need to call my bot army to deal with him, boy is taking too much territory these last few days

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Fucker either hates pizza or just loves to troll from time to time haha

he needs to be taught a lesson not to use cheats…

ban hammer for the boy, 2 months without premium features and you become a tier 1 boss lol

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Its lag. Because if you look, 1 mechanic enter in one super speed than other.

I think the hitbox is a bit off to be honest

Lailai brother

Wise Lil Diablo woooooop

There are some people on reddit saying it is hitbox, many people encountered this actually