Argos disconnect with no rewards

Yesterday during the unannounced server maintenance about half my Argos party disconnected around 2 minutes before the remaining members cleared. None of us were issued re entrance tickets, and have lost our run for the week. All of this was livestreamed on Twitch, and you can view the clips here and the entirety of the vod is published on my Twitch page. You can clearly see that I have somehow claimed Argos rewards without ever receiving the completion gold or any items.

Region: NA West
Server: Mari
Affected Players: Jazzzay (self), Belaia, Onlyduck
Timestamp: 10:16 PM PST

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Will players be compensated for this issue in any reasonable amount of time

I had the same thing. We JUST killed it. My first time ever. THen got the disconnect error and no loot. Apparently there is an automated system that can restore the entry ticket sometimes, but doesn’t seem to work on this one. Basically, we just get screwed for the week.