Argos ended early and auto-collected rewards

Server: Azena
Character: SaltyWombat
Region: NA-East

Issue experienced:
Our team was aiming to do Argos P3 tonight. We completed P1 and P2 without an issue. When we got to our first P3 attempt, we wiped on a mechanic. We went to restart the raid and voted yes, but when we returned to the rest map, we were all greeted with the P2 reward screen. Note: normally Argos has two confirmation dialogues to end the raid and to collect rewards. We did NOT see two confirmation dialogues. From my understanding none of us disconnected either.

I believe there was a bug that ended the raid and accepted the rewards for us despite none of us wanting to end the raid there. Is there a way to reset our weekly entry or look into this occurrence?

Apologies I don’t have a video or more useful screenshot, but am including chat logs of our experience.