Argos entry LOST by no sense. KEKW

Today was one of the most disappointing days ever see on an MMO.

I was kicked out of game during Argos run with a full party of friends, whats the problem?
there a fucking system of shit that kick you out of party because ‘‘inactive’’ instead of party Vote like in all games, then i triend to get back on game, and whats my surprise? i dont have enough time to get back more faster than system kicks you out of party due to inective, resume: if you get disc or kick out of game by error, you dont have enough time to get re conected before u get kicked out of party.

Well fuking done… a system kick you instead of Vote: first BIG GAME ISSUE
Second game issue? You lost you Argos Weekly entry because NO FUCKING REASON, because argos didnt END and i didnt have option to Back on my last Party try and cant Join on another Party because Game tells you, you are out of RUNS.

I triend to contact to Amazon Game support, where his answer? ‘‘We can’t do anything, we apologize’’,
sorry? u didnt apologize, you telling me, we dont care a shit what happend, go fuck youself. basically Disrespect to players.
The most important ENTRY on entire endgame tright now, and they ddin’t care a fuck if you lost you WEEKLY entry by a Game ISSUE that they got.

Im starting to feel like New World right now…
Remember amazon… wanna get another game die?

Put GM in game to solve that situations, solve you bugs and issues fast, listen and help you players, take care of them, take seriously everything.

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The real question is: why you are capitalizing random words?


Idk, maybe cz im tilt

Did he just cast a spell on everyone that reads this wtf was that


I wanted to be able to read and understand this thread, but I swear my brain just cuts out attempting to interpret this.

Is there a TLDR that… makes sense?

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From what I read it sounds like he was afk after going into an argos for some reason and then got booted and is now mad. But I didnt really read much of it

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If that is the case, don’t you have to be inactive for like a minimum of 15 minutes?

This feels like it’s on the OP. Not really sure what else can be added to this topic.
PS. The game does also have a vote to kick mechanic.

OP your writing is terrible, therefore I will just assume you got what your deserved for going AFK. Simple as.

i wasnt go AFK, just get kick out of game because a game issue, then i re log, and i was kicked from the argos raid before i got time to get back.
not 15 min, not 10 min, maybe 3-4 min?

Despite the bad English, it really isn’t that hard to see he got DCed during a run. EAC does slow the log in to a crawl, which caused him to time out before he could get back in.
Also, there shouldn’t be a “what you deserved” if you’re in a full group of friends, and they’re ok with you going AFK.

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Thank you for understand. thats exactly what happend.

They have support on several languages probably you can get your problem fixed but you need to be able to communicate. English is not my first language and I make mistakes all the time and people is not trying to troll it just hard to understand your problem. Try with support and check if there is anything they can do.

i got DCed few days ago from boss rush at the loading screen and it did eat my ticket but i got it back after few hours which i assume was the automated system (tho i did read that not so many ppl had this luck when DCed from argos) so maybe wait a bit to see if the system picks up on it or not :+1:

I understand you, this is the second time this has happened to me.

It is what it is.

So you were afk in argos for over 1hour?

The inactive timer is like 2 minutes if you’re offline.

Not true i crashed before too and had to restart my pc the game takes like 3 min in itself just tl boot up lol. Someone else crashed today and we waited 5-10min for them to get back.

Your team fked you.

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