Argos entry lost cause server down at last night

My only one weekly Argos entry lost. If the system counts the entry, I need to get my loot. It is not fairly for us.

same! end game lock outs are the worst content to lose! Server valtan, player Nephiney, lost out on p1 and p2 loot! and lockout!

Hello, @Riceboom and Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

I’m sorry to hear you had problems with the server instability issues from before.

You can check this post as reference:

The dev team is aware of the impact of this and will provide compensation for affected players in the near future.

If I get any updates on how or when you’ll be compensated, I’ll let you know, as well you can also check the news section.

Thanks for the patience

How does support decide when and who to give lock out entries to? Support have said multiple times they do not have the ability to manually give out reset tickets. @Santoryu

That is correct, we are unable to manually give out reset tickets.

This is for the April 10th hotfix and server restart, a compensation will be sent to impacted players due to this. For information on when and how players will be compensated, you can always check the news section link above.