Argos extra reward

I completed phase 1 of argos and purchased the extra reward… and i never received it. I also did the second orehas well abyss, and i also didnt get the chest i purchased in that. Im very sad. A weeks worth of content gone. Is that something theyre aware of? Fixable? Like… thats a lot just gone. Not only did i lose like 800 gold but also the stuff i purchased :frowning:

Are you 100% sure you actually COMPLETED the purchase by accepting the confirmation where it asks if you really wanna buy it? Cause I’ve seen even streamers think they bought it but because something like MVP tab pops up it doesn’t actually register you clicking the “Accept” or “Yes” on the confirmation so you think that you bought it when you actually didn’t.

So basically are you 100% sure that the option to buy extra loot was NOT still there before you exited the content?

100%. I have lost the gold from it and also have it in the chat log that i spent the gold for it. But theres no chests and theres nothing in the chat logs saying ive received the chests

Then I’d suggest contacting their support about it and see if they do anything about it since nobody on here can really help unless a moderator pops in here. Although they might ask you for “proof” like video of you doing it or something but idk.