Argos , Guardian Raid bosses HP

for what genius reason we cant see Argos and guardian raid bosses HP ?


Its Smilegates attempt at a Monster Hunter-like combat.

well thats just plain stupid


In my opinion GR is kind of a “monster hunter” mode. The game doesn’t show you monster’s hp so.

hahahahah, why you need see hp?


I mean whether you agree or not it’s pretty obvious why someone would like to see HP lol, in Argos if you wipe it doesn’t even tell you % wipe like guardians lol


But for what? If everyone is alive the boss will die. It’s simple, if everyone does their part, it doesn’t matter the boss’s HP and this works for any boss, and in some cases, it’s even possible to kill the boss with only 1 alive playing well.

That logic wasn’t bad. You don’t get a buff if you see the HP. Boss mechanic doesn’t change too if you can or cannot see the HP. Is not seeing HP frustrating for some players? Sure, and maybe that’s the intention. Like how wipe mechanics or even any mechanics at all is frustrating or annoying for some. You don’t need to like everything the game has to offer, but it’s just how they decided to make it. This is not a bad or good thing, it’s just preference.

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I mean, think about it… Is it wrong if it’s not what you want? Do you just choose a game and demand that it change to what you like? Does the world revolve around you?
A game is like a story being told. You play it and enjoy it or you don’t. There will be up and downs. You don’t have to enjoy everything you try. If you want the perfect game, you would have to make one yourself. And even then, I can assure you that not everyone would enjoy your game.

Literally point out where I complained or asked for the world to be changed around me, I simply said it was obvious why the other poster would like to be able to see HP. Feel free to use the quote feature…jfc some people


u keep saying “it was obvious why the other poster would like to be able to see HP” but other also says others dont mind not seeing hp its part of the game they like. why are you trying to make opposite idea as a minority


Here, let me point it out for you.

You say it’s ‘obvious’ because you assume majority or everyone else would think so. Or you see one poster and you agree and that’s enough?

But like I said, the reason could be as simple as how the game designers want it to be like. It doesn’t need to appeal to everyone. In fact, it doesn’t need to appeal to anyone. They want it that way for their genius or lack of genius reason, so you can choose to play it that way or don’t. But as some others have said, it could very well be a monster hunter inspiration.

Side note,
I’m bad with horror games… for what genius reason do people make horror games… that’s just blasphemy

Ok I honestly feel like I’m just being trolled at this point, I’m not even asking for anything to be changed or complaining, sorry that saying it’s obvious why some players like more information is such a crazy take.

Id like to know the official reason they hide hp bar. I got used to it in monster hunter but in this game, an mmo, it feels completely unnecessary.

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I wouldn’t mind knowing reason for it either. We’d probably have to ask Gold River or game design team to find out. But whether it’s necessary or unnecessary isn’t much of a problem. That’s just personal preference.

No it’s not crazy. Yes, some people like more info, some people don’t. Hence it’s fine as is. It’s not inherently a bad or good thing. It’s just a different take than what some are used to. But your original post sounds mocking at best. Mocking their genius for coming up with something like this. If I misinterpreted it, then I apologize.

Ignore this guy. In his country HP means something else.

The reason has been said, it’s because the devs were big fans of monster hunter, thats all

I can think up a possible reason, to train us for hell mode? Lol mostly a guess. I wonder if there is a possible answer

Makes the most sense

Coming from WoW as a long-time raider, it’s important to me to see HP or at least be told what the HP % is at at the end if we wipe, because I’d like to know if my group has the ability to kill the boss. If it’s been 2 minutes from the end of P1 Argos and the boss is at 30% after multiple pulls with most people alive, I might reconsider throwing my face into the boss and burning consumables for 3 hours.

It hasn’t been more than a minor annoyance so far in my experience and I haven’t run into the above issue. Just nice to know.