Argos Lock Out After Declining Loot

We could not complete P2 Argos because someone had to quit, so we all voted to stop raid and declined P1 loot. I subsequently was locked out from Argos as it says I received loot. Can a GM please provide assistance?

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It not just you, if ANYONE claim it you are lock out.


Greetings @Darklg

Thank you for reaching us out and I do apologize about the unexpected experience you had with getting lock out the run of Argos even when you all decided to quit.

That’s correct @Somnus, thank you for your contribution though, perhaps another participant of the Abyss raid sneaked out and claim the loot instead or before quitting, having said that, by doing that actions, it unfortunately instantly charges the weekly run of the raid.

I hope this information granted you gives a great and helpful insight.

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Thank you for the response. Is there no way to tell who is trying to receive loot? I thought it was decided by majority vote, in which all players receive loot or none at all do if majority vote in favor of yes to loot or no to loot. Even if 7 people vote to decline, if the last person votes yes, we all get stuck with no loot? I guess it seems unfair to vote no and then be stuck with someone who may purposely vote yes as a last vote - you almost have to hold your vote until everyone else votes… seems like an unfavorable process if everyone starts doing that.

If you could provide more clarity on how just 1 person is able to claim loot. Why is it not all or nothing based on majority vote? If 5+ vote in one direction, all players should be stuck with that outcome.