Argos not dropping event materials?

hi i just did argos p3 on my bellow 1475 character.
as you can see in the event menu argos should drop both the ribs and fried skewer but after leaving the instance i checked my mat inventory and nope there was not any.
the pictures are my loot log. dont know if this a bug or im missing something but thought it needed to be mentioned


Same for me on 2 runs, 2 characters below 1475

If you have any chars below 1415 run them through the oreha hard mode dungeons (jump in a no bid carry if they’re undergeared) , they give a crazy amount of the items compared to the legion raids, 100 skewers 30 meat total for both runs.

If you’ve got 3 alts to run them you can get the max you’ll need for the event