Argos P1 - How to choose safe spot?

I’ve just hit 1370 for the first time a week or two ago. I’ve been matchmaking Argos P1, which has generally been fine. However there’s a couple of points I’d like to clarify.

The main issue I’ve been having is when you need to go into one of the safe spot circles. I keep heading to one, someone else is there, and I end up dying. To clarify, I know that I have to choose the right colour.
Question: Is there some sort of unspoken rule about which spot I’m meant to use?

The other thing is I really struggle to pick up the mini-pizza pattern. I’ve watched the guides and see how it’s meant to work but I’m not getting it done. On my destroyer I’ve just been picking the spot that I know is safe for the last tick and shielding through it. My Berserker I’ve done it once and happened to have a support, so did the same thing. I’m a bit worried about if I don’t have a support though.
Question: How much damage will I take if I just stand in the one spot (last tick safe) for mini pizza?

Finally just an interesting comment about the last run I did. I died to the safe spots (see discussion above). Then had a guy start mocking me because I was 3x3 and still died. A bit confused how spending like 500g on some accessories and a stone is meant to suddenly protect me from one shots lol.
In fact I’ve had similar another time (Oreha), where I make a mistake (I’m still learning) and people laugh that I have 3x3 (because I have it and fail, not that it isn’t enough).

X3 is typical
1 is a spot close to 3 oclock
2 is a spot close to 6 oclock
3 is a spot close to 9 oclock
4 is a spot close to 12 oclock

Purple is X3+1
1 is 4 oclock
2 is 7 oclock
3 is 10 oclock
4 is 1 oclock


Generally people go by party number order, so NESW / 1234, they are to the left of your name. Or you talk about it and pick spots beforehand, where you make sure to not have people from the same group together.

For the mini pizza look at which color you have under your feet and stand on the corresponding color when the mechanic is there. Indeed the last tick does the most damage so make sure you get that one right, especially if your still close to minimal item level.

The last ones (ticks) are always on the 5 and 7 o’clock position. You can use protection potions to negate the damage from the other ticks if needed.

Dont let anyone trash talk shit about your gear, everyone goes on their on pace and they probably suck even more, just ignore them.


Thanks for the replies.

Interesting that you’ve both given different answers of the ‘standard’ system. I guess I’ll just ask next time, matchmaking is probably a bit hit and miss!

Protection potions aren’t a bad idea, just so I can be lazy mainly rofl.

In regards to gear the strange thing was I think they were laughing because I had ‘good’ engravings. Not that they were saying I should be 4x3… I think they assumed that if I had 3x3 I must be experienced or something.

x3 and x3+1 is the standard everyone should be following as later raids will make this much easier for everyone who pug future raids.

To make things easier you can simply let everyone know at the beginning it’s x3 their party number so no one is confused .


while this is accurate for other raids, for argos its just x3 for both teams.

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I’ll just go with the x3 theory. In all but 1 of my runs so far a bunch of people have been dead by then anyway :wink:

Thanks all

its literally x3 your party number, theres two in each direction (12, 3, 6, 9) if you’re number in your party is 3 then x3=9 so you go to 9. Check the color under your feet and match your color with your safe spot.

A lot of mechanics work as such, x2 x3 or x4 depending on the content and the group. Some cases people will choose their spot depending on preference, mechanics, etc. Good to check with the group you’re in to double check, always ask if you’re unsure as most people running Argos all know the x3 mechanic and won’t bother explaining it if nobody asks.

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Don’t lie to him everyone does argos nesw.

For the mini pizza you will need to memorize some Paterns there is no way around it.

I usually being time stops so I can be lazy 3 times and big pots if I want to just tank it in a safe spot.

For the big pizza if you are out of range you don’t need to do it.

You need a month or two practice before you get good at argos just like with everything.


NESW? As in 1N 2E 3S 4W?

I’ve only seen it done that way once, within first month of Argos. I believe they do it in EU that way, atleast that’s what I’ve heard

Everyone i know and every pug on NA east i enter does x3.


Maybe it’s a eu thing really , before it was cute and everyone gathered up to show their spot just like tranquil but now everyone rushes and assumes you know it’s nesw.

A long time ago they published a very good post on how to understand the x3 of nothing


Yeah lets confuse a new player with 3x+1 which literaly noone uses on argos as it doesnt even use ordinal directions.

Asking is always better, or just say nesw/1234 when you start then its clear aswell. Or make people stand in their spots, though people like to rush nowadays so yeah that might be an issue.

You should be able to tank the first couple hits anyway, its mostly to conserve some hp if your still learning all the other patterns. The big pizza does more damage though, make sure you respond to that in time, pick the right one, then the slice next to it, 3rd one might be there aswell which is random and can be both.

Hard to tell, theres a big influx of alts and people tend to be toxic against new players who are still learning.


I have never seen anything other than nesw being used in euc, most pugs dont even write it anymore, everyone just assumes you know it

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Don’t lie to him everyone does argos nesw.

On NAE it’s always x3. Last time I saw NESW was 3+ months ago. It died out.

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Haven’t seen a single NESW in months. Everyone does x3.

NA x3, EU nesw la. read

ur 1st mistake not reading the rest:
“I’ve just hit 1370 for the first time a week or two ago. I’ve been matchmaking Argos P1…”

as soon as u hit lvl 50 join a guild
Do guild Argus Bus Runs aka do all 3 Gates get gold loot
Many guild req are 1370-1460 min
join the ones you can

If you wanna learn Argos mechs waste time go ahead, but once you get in a guild or join a Find Party nobody does mechs in Argos/Valtan. Should be pushing to 1430 and do Vykas which is not hard to do if you are doing Guild Argos bus runs. Prob take 2 weeks with no alts 1370 to 1430.

Why even bother returning to cardinal directions when people are starting to get used to x3 clock method.