Argos P1 Tranquility Phase question

I was just in a raid for a P3 run. The leader told everyone to just max DPS during Argos’ tranquility phase. After the bar disappeared, neither the sun or moon party died.

So I’m a bit confused because maxroll guide says
" If he either has the sun or moon affix, he wipes the party with the opposite affix. "

and after we just DPSed him, no one died. We weren’t overleved for P3; mostly around 1400-1410.

I think we were able to stagger Argos during his tranquility phase. Would this be a way to avoid a wipe?? or is maxroll wrong about either the sun or moon party dying??

When you over level argos just dps that phase. I believe he just gets a dun or moon buff at the end of that phase but he dies fast if you’re going in their 1460+ group. When we run carries we just blitz him all the way. Even p2 argos dies vefore the mechs.

The correct way to do that mech is to do balanced dmg to boss from both sun and moon party. If one of the parties deal much more damage or much less damage they will get hit by a lot (survivable with shields or timestops). Always keep eye on above your health bar, there is another yellow or purple bar telling you how long ypu have time left before taking damage so you can smash timestop at the end of timer

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ahh… so it isn’t a wipe, but rather just a high dmg attack depending on how much one party did compared to another.

I didn’t know about the yellow or purple bar. ill keep a look out for it whenever i do argos again.

its not about damage its about stacks and multiple stacks at the same time do not count so you would have to alternate between moon and sun dealing damage, the easiest way for this to be done properly is have 1 support per party save at least 1 stack until the end and then if he is on sun, the guy with the moon stack hits it, if hes on moon the guy with the sun stack hits it, if hes already neutral neither of them hit it

also you cant timestop the wipe from the tranquility

you just got lucky with your group and they “accidentally” applied their stacks in a somewhat sufficiently alternating order so that it was neutral at the end of it, also argos does get staggered at the end of the first tranquility phase generally, no matter whether you hit him or not

i love spreading miss information on the internet , u can’t time stop it and its not dps balance its stack balance

This, Its all based on how many stacks have been transfered. Everyone gets a 10 stack buff on them that decreases as you hit Argos transfering your stacks over to him. If the stacks are equal, he doesn’t get an icon and no one dies at the end of his bar. If one side has more, their icon shows and if the timer runs out, he will use a wipe attack (not timestopable NOR shieldable) on the opposite party. Ideally everyone uses all 10 stacks making it an equal 40 vs 40 stack count.

What generally happens I see is more so on the supports NOT hitting the boss with their skills thus their stacks are not transfering over. The DPS all do there’s for both parties but you end up with something like 34 vs 37 transfered thus the 34 group will die.

if one party puts all 40 stacks and then the other party puts all 40 stacks the first party gets wiped its not about the stack number

Its DEF not damage based. Already been in groups where one group has a bunch of 1450’s+ and another with Barely level or above and have had it stay balanced during an all attack phase.

Its not damage, but number of hits. Everyone gets 10 stacks. You hit argos to transfer stacks. If someone is slow in attacking or spending too much time dodging or trying to back attack, they’ll probably wipe the party.

it also isnt damage based, the thing is after its one element more stacks of that element do nothing, they dont make it turn more into that, you have to alternate hits or look at my previous answer for the safest way to not wipe on it

ok im confused then. when we were doing the P1 tranquility phase, all the dps were attacking argos. we were just randomly doing as much dmg as we can during this time period.

then when the phase was over… no one died?? so what happened?? i can’t imagine it was a random chance, since we did it fine on our first try, and the leader specially told all of the dps to burn him down asap during tranquility (as if he has done this method before with success)

When you empty your stacks, it changes it from the opposite color to neutral, or from neutral to the opposite. Nothing to do with damage or total stacks.

As someone mentioned above, the easiest way to do it is just have the supports reserve their stacks to correct it if it doesn’t naturally end up neutral.


Imagine it like this
during the phase, when party 1 attacks, each hit charges the boss with positive energy
and when party 2 attacks, each hit charges the boss with negative energy

at the end of the phase, the boss has to be neutral, neither positive nor negative
If the boss is not neutral, one side will die at the end of the phase (time left you see on the circle below the boss)
So both parties have to hit the boss the same amount of times

Either both sides hit 0 times (the “run around and don’t hit the boss” way)

Or both sides hit 40 times each (the" don’t stop attacking and use up your 10 stacks" way)

Or any other number in between 1~40, but the number of hits has to be equal on both sides

In the actual fight, instead of positive and negative energy, it is sun and moon stacks, you see an icon above your head as well as the stack counter in your buff bar

ok this makes a lot more sense. i knew you had 10 stacks, but assumed each attack would transfer and change it from neutral.

so essentially what we did was every DPS transfers all their stacks during this phase, and since we had 3 dps and 1 support in each party, argos will be neutral before the end of tranquility.