Argos Phasae 3 Scammers

hello friends, I created a topic about this subject 2 days ago, a lot of people stated in the comments that they were scammed by the same specific person and their reports were unrequited. This topic was removed by the forum and I could not find out the reason in any way. I’ve decided not to give up on this business until these scammers get banned. If you have any in-game conversations,discord conversation with these scammers send me with a message or share in comments, I will prepare a report and deliver it to the authorized people.

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Unless you have hard video proof it’s gonna be hard for any action to be taken.

Now I am scared to try get Argos bus for part one!

yes i know i think the players shouldnt have to prove guilty of someone who is suspicious the game admins have to look into logs and decide the player is guilty or not. its so simple actually this player is creating a loby with the tag is Argos phase 1-3 boost 3k per spot then people buys his gems for 3k gold then he kicks out the player just bought the gem isnt it so obvious that hes scamming people for boost is it too hard to look into logs and find out this

me too brother i was so confident a week ago i tought in this game nobody can scam anyone because my friends tells me that amazon is very concerned about the community and doesnt allow any scamming issues or actions that hurts community badly It turns out that they don’t care at all about such matters.

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It’s actually not easy to check logs for something that specific and even use it as proof of scamming taking place. That’s why video proof is very important because logs doesn’t show everything you’re looking at it from a position of hindsight.

yes actually you are right they can t even ban the bots if they have a log system bots wont be able to climb to t3

Well the bot thing is a different problem lol the Anti cheat in this game doesn’t even block freeware macros.

it’s pretty easy and has been used in FF since 2001 lol

If you play the game you’re quite aware what to search for and probably wouldn’t take you longer than 1minute to find when you know the specific day of occurance.
maybe 10minutes to create your own picture of the whole thing

Scamming is still hard to proof unless they admit to it in chat logs. Especially with the way I understand how it’s going down with the Argos scams.

As if they didn’t mention price/ payment method, opening trade.
Obviously could’ve been done without, but most ppl don’t care enough.

It’s also a way to secure it for yourself.
At least I always asked price? or sth like that just do have it screenshotted with maps etc after I got scammed early in the game.

There’s no direct trade in this game hence it’s even harder to prove that it was a scam.

But FYI even if you have video proof it would take a long time to get to you it’s not even worth the effort. Customer Service actually has 0 access to the game/gamefiles/GM powers. They have to make a ticket for you and the devs will eventually get to you anywhere from 2 weeks to months.

The only thing that they’re concerning is community’ wallet. If the matter doesn’t hurts their profits, then good luck on your case.

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if you posted pictures that didn’t block out the players name or if you used the players name in your forum post calling them scammers that’s likely why the post got removed, almost any forum does not allow witch hunting even if there’s full proof of someone doing something like that.

report both ingame and through the weblink is about best you can do, if it fails keep making reports if you can provide proof in those reports it will help a bit. it’s not a 100% sure thing that any action will happen but you can’t really get anything done on the forums either.
can likely go into discords that use lfg type systems and give them proof of someone scamming you to let others know not to play with that person though.

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thanks for that information i will be more careful now i have lost lot of evidence when that topic deleted