Argos Phase 1 mini pizza bug

When are we gonna get a fix for random damage on the end of the mech when you are on the right spot? It happens too frequently, too much inconsistent and it’s too annoying. 2 members of my player went flying while the other 2 stayed in place.

It’s not a case of “you guys are on the wrong spot”, let’s be frank at this stage of the game people don’t miss that… It’s just a free HUGE damage in your face for no reason at all. Doesn’t matter if you walked the mech or if you stayed the whole mech in place.

Never happened to me, never seen it happen either. Wonder if it’s a latency issue.
If you are certain they are correct spot, maybe they might be too close to the edge. I can’t say for sure if I didn’t see it myself.

Happens every other run and like i said it’s inconsistent. People right in the middle of the right slice the whole mech tanking the others hit goes flying.

It has happened to me but only as sun with just an specific pattern of the 3 that argos does

It could be you do know the sun and moon swap after he does the wipe mechanic right or two you are having latency issues and this result you on the server side not in the right slice even if visually you are.

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Just happened to me, after which I observed someone doing it right and dying in the same spot. Pattern ending to the right of argos

Doesn’t seem like something they will look up since people tends to attribute this to the players “doing it wrong” like we are all retards…

It’s happened to me at least every other argos run with my friend. We are same party and sometimes one of us just dies despite us being on the same exact pizza tile. Then the next run, the other dies or takes heavy damage (when I’m on my gunlancer and use nella)

I thought it was just my ping/rubberbanding but it’s happening too often on Argos but not on other content. I’ve also had a weird instance where I was standing on the correct pizza slice for the final attack, got knocked back from the hit but took no damage (I didn’t have any shield).

Has anyone posted videos of this? I’ve also never seen or heard of this. Doing Argos p1+ 6 times a week and I’ve yet to ever see anyone take damage from being in the right place.

Not saying you’re wrong, but it’s also much easier for them to relay info with proof!

I suspect this is a desync issue. I’ve noticed many many desync issues with this game since release.

Point in fact: During p1 Argos last night, I was standing inside the x3/NESW safe spot for a full 2-3 secs before the explosion… And died from a 100k hit. I have constant 32-45 ping, it never spikes as per their display.

Igrexion is famous for this with the flame columns. This and countless other AOE effects. As stated, I have constant 32~ ping. I’m constantly being hit with AOE that I’m standing farther away from than the actual radius of the AOE.

Over the last couple months I’ve got 4 characters to do Argos phase 1 and never had this issue. However today I got my Soulfist to 1370 so I jump in to do phase.

First failed run in matchmaking I had no issues, made it through 10 minutes without the need to even use potion. Was just me at the end and a vote to restart passed.
Second try ended up use a lot of potions from random damage, didn’t seem out of the ordinary just had some bad rng.
Group fell apart and now the next 2-3 matchmaking tries is where things got weird. I have no issues doing mini pizza, if you focus on the 5 and 7 spots, there are only 2 patterns that happen.
While doing the pattern, I ended up getting knocked up and thought weird my soulfist is a bit slow maybe i wasn’t in the spot right?
Sadly it happened a couple more times and I know i was in the right spot after that first time, I made sure of it.

It wasn’t just the mini pizza either. I was just running along (but out of range not to be hit)Argos during the Tranquil Phase (circle dial). Next thing I know i went from 100% health down to 10%. There was nothing on the ground, he wasn’t toss out the orbs or beam. The ground was completely empty and i was a good distance to his side.

I notice a couple times people had videos of pizza bugs posted on reddit, both happened to be Soulfists, is it a class bug?

It just happened three times to me today.

Not a class bug since i had it and saw it happen with different classes, it’s hard to remember to record a video bc it’s rare that it happens

Seems someone posted on reddit:

People are saying it’s a sync to a hitbox problem but i have seen people perfectly in center of the pizza dying like that