Argos Phase 1 "Mini Pizza" issue

Greetings, travelers.

I didn’t play on any other version, so I can’t tell whether this issu eexisted before or not.

During Argos Phase 1’s famous “mini Pizza” mechanic, the Player has to step on the right fields acording to which group they belong to (sun or moon.)
I am following everything properly, I take NO damage from the first 4 fields, but when I stand in the correct last field it sometimes happens, that I still take damage. I have not seen this happen to anyone else. And no one believes me, until they see it. And when they see it, they laugh out loud.
I sadly forgot to record my last run, in which it happened again, for visual proof.

Again, in very short:
Mini Pizza. I stand on the correct field, yet I take full damage, as if I was in the wrong spot.
I have NOT taken any damage from the fields before, so I am definitely not confusing colours.
Also, regarding the colours, everyone with me in the field has the same colour group at the time, so I wouldn’t even be able to confuse the colours.

I would like to know, what the cause is.
My Internet is stable. My FPS is stable. The game is up to date with files verified a couple of times. My PC is fine in general.
It wouldn’t even make sense to be any of my hardware drivers, otherwise the issue would occure every time, which it does not.
It is not lag caused by my Internet, otherwise I would notice it in the fou fields before already. And I assuem my ping would change, which it does not.