Argos phase 2 vs phase 1

How many hours/groups into the week should you spend trying to kill phase 2 be fore you just matchmaker phase 1 and call it a day this week after 5 hours and 5 different groups I still have yet to get my kill tonight will be my third night on this

get a team where everyone has seen a video and knows how to use the bombs, i did argos phase 2 day 1, as long as people know to use the bombs and mechanics its easy

0 hours/1 group.


If it’s taking more than one group, start the group yourself, gatekeep the losers by profile-checking before accepting, and put together a proper comp with two supports and good stagger in moon. Also, take care of the shot-calling yourself so you know it’s done right.


What went wrong?
(gonna have fun reading Valtan posts when he ll be out)


1 hour 1 group p3. Just try create onw group… chcek engravings before, take support for each group, make sure somebody knows signals… if you struggle on some point (stagger on moon, or destro on sun side) just make sure everyone use nades. But when players die of basic mechanics … just stop the raid, there is no reason waste more time

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Honestly it takes my group 10/15 min to clear Argos P1 to P3
i would highly suggest you try to pull ppl in to a discord to make the communication easyer atleast that helped allot for me when i did my first clear.

if you refuse to do so and you just go in blind where players say " i know mechs" but actually don’t know shiet ( thats just my experience ) players say they know everything but litterly don’t its going to take long before you find the right ppl

Here is a picture that helped me allot on the part where the group splits up, hope it helps you aswel :slight_smile:


Phase 2 should be pretty easy as long as you have enough dps

It does seem like the more players who have reached Argos the worse pugs have gotten in general. For reference I clear it on 4 chars per week at this point and pugs are just worse. My first P1 2 and 3 all took under 1hr. It could be all the people clearing on alts they don’t know how to play as well or haven’t invested in but … Idk.

I would suggest making your own group, picking people with decent engravings, and making sure both groups have a support even if it takes longer to start.

Tbh with full 1400 GS pls 1st phase is 5 min 2nd phase 8 ? 3rd might take longer in this routines you can easily make a mistake durning wipe mechs, but if u do everything correct is 7-9 mins.

I did it at 1394 on my first party, I guess just assess group makeup, peoples stats and engravings and hope for the best?

Ive been making my parties since week 2 of Argos. My main is a bard at 1385 clearing argos p3. Just hording matts.

Party 1:

Party 2:
Zerkers/Shadowhunters or sf

Never had an issue. If your supports going into p3 are not 1400 make sure they have at a minimum Heavy Armor 2

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I’ve given up on P2 on my main, for what ever reason i can’t complete P2 on my main. I’ve spent about 6 hours with 4 different parties trying to do P2. Meanwhile i run through with hardly any deaths on my pally alt

Somewhat off-topic, but are 1370 bards viable in P3 if they have heavy armor 3 or is that pushing it too far?

Its fine if you know ahat youre doing. Run the abyss raid reduced damage card sets if you have for an additional -15% dmg.

this is the only answer

You know Korea spends hours in different raids right? Are you complaining that the video game gave you a challenge? Set a party up, pick who you want, and accept it’s going to take a number of tries. We’re in tier 3 now the game is done holding your hand


Phase 2 was one group and two p2 attempts in a party finder party. Over very quickly. Number of first timers. Maybe took 15 minutes total for phase 2. Maybe less

It only takes one person being confident in their knowledge of the fight.

Clearly you missed the point of the question

Just find friends. This is mmo… Not a “solo jerk to skins game”