Argos phase 3 entry lost due to DC

i was with my friends doing argos phase 3 i took dc at the time the boss died i logged in and the rewards of the 3 argos phases appeared on the side and couldn’t get reward or reward from the chest.

Hello @WingsZera and welcome to the Lost Ark Forums!

I’m really sorry to hear about this situation with the Argos raid, normally you should have gotten the rewards or a “restoration ticket” on your game mail, but in some occasions that doesn’t happen and unfortunately we are not able to manually reset it or give the rewards for the completion of the raid.

I totally understand this is not the preferred scenario but I can guarantee you that our devs are working on a permanent solution for this and apart from this we certainly appreciate your patience and understanding.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure through Arkesia!.

Have a nice day. :leaves:

Accept it now my friend. Amazon/SmileGate will not help you. They literally do not care about this issue. You will not be compensated like every other MMO company does. I know thats what we are used to. But Amazon do not help in this way.

I have spoken to 12 Amazon support agents. They will not help. Atall, your rewards are gone

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Por que deberian hacer algo al respecto ?

¿Eres estúpido? Por supuesto que deberían hacer algo al respecto. imagina permitir que este tipo de cosas sucedan en un MMO y no hacer nada al respecto

Hello @WingsZera and @LucarnorFrey,

At this moment one of our community managers made a post regarding this situation and I’m happy to tell you guys that the devs team have come with a more permanent solution for this!.

I hope you can give it a look:

Have a nice day! :leaves:

@Ezio, Entiendo que algunas situaciones son un poco frustantes pero porfavor recuerda mantener el respeto hacia otros jugadores!

A se puede insultar en este foro y lo unico que sucede es un admin diciendo por favor respeto ? es bueno saberlo.