Argos Pub P1 experience is stupid now

Tired of joining pubs asking people if they know mechs in order to tell them so that they can gain experience and getting no response then they int after. I know its pubs and everything but if you do not know mechs ask pubs is the place to ask these questions. I do 5 in a row and it people waste all lives in first 2 mins on pizza mech and first wipe mech.

Have you tried creating your own group? And gatekeeping the people, not inviting everyone?
→ may sound harsh and unfair for new players but usually these types of parties just clear the raid without problems

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Seems like a great idea if OP has nothing better to do for the day/evening but sit in an empty group for hours on end waiting for applications since no one is one going to join an Argos P1 know mechs pug being gatekept, especially nowadays.

This is partly due to the community and being non tolerant of those that dont know the mechs. It is definitely a problem though as our guild has even hosted “learning parties” explained mechs, asked for clarification after wipes, and they still remain silent.

In these parties we now only boot the member if they so not interact in these situations. Or if theyve excessively continued to make the same mistake (generally only happens with non english speakers due to not being able to communicate) such as continuing to dump swift puddles in the swamp.

I see alot less p1 groups, I suspect they are joining Buses

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nah, you’d be surprised how many people do p1 and theyre experienced. it’s not that hard and especially not sitting there for hours.

One issues due to the lack of Supps, they are not bringing protective pots or not using pots at all and dIe within 1 min of p1. There are seldom learning groups for this, but plenty for Valtan/Vykas

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oh yeah totally. they don’t even bother using green pots, im impressed and disapppointed at the same time haha!

I have to disagree, I sometimes do Argos p1 runs without gold (7+ chars) just to get some legendary accessories with class engravings on 1370 alts, and these groups fill quite fast and with “experienced” people you don’t even need supports for p1

5~15 min to create the group (afternoon/evening in EUW)
and < 10min for the kill

When I tried to create my first learning group for Argos P1, named the group P1 learning group, not a single soul joined, not one person at 1370… Changed it to just P1 and it filled up within seconds 2 of them being above 1390, but the rest at 1370,

People just don’t want to be honest about not knowing the mechs, or feel ashamed for joining a “learning group”


make a group and take those that have roster 100+ and at least 1x3 for this you need 2 support the other is to take at least 2x3 with 1-2x2 in this you don’t need support, you can clear it p1 with them

Pugs*. Literally stands for pick up group

It’s probably going to stay this way and become even harder as time goes on but this is how things are like now.