Argos Raid Forced Logout

After playing this game 24/7 since release I finally managed to get the required Ilvl of 1400 for P3 Argos (including 3 t3 alts to funnel into my main).
Finally there I was hyped to raid all 3 Argos phases… After searching a group we beat the first 2 phases.
Then on phase 3 we wipe a few times and somebody says they need to leave…
Sadly we had to give up because of one guy so we vote Raidstop. After that a second vote appears to vote if you want the loot up to that point.
I wanted to vote No because I really desired to clear Phase 3 but apparently if more than 50% vote yes you forcefully get loot and a raid logout.
So basically I pushed 1400 Ilvl for nothing and got loot for phase 1 and 2 I didn’t want.
To be clear I would have loved to go in there again with a different group to full clear or at least try to.
A lot of people were complaining about the honing chances and deadzone between 1340 and 1370 for me this feels even worse.
Basically if you want to raid with randoms you would have to make 100% sure in advance people don’t want to quit or if they do … vote on not getting loot.
This whole system is so unintuitive and demotivating…
Why are we forced to play all 3 phases in a row and on top of that why is there only one raid logout for all 3 Phases ?
Having a separate logout and signup for every phase would have been such an easy solution.

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Exact same thing happen to me on March 31st. Some guy needed to leave after joining for 30 mins! Didn’t even say he dedicated time to do p1 and p2. Vote to stop raid popped and quit raid with rewards. I think most people didn’t realize what they clicked. Some of us who didn’t want loot to lose our entry count was forced because majority voted to quit with loot. I escalated this issue to have a raid entry reset. Customer service is doing their best to tell me no not happening cause they don’t have the ability to do so, but there’s already an item that can reset raids? They even came back later to say oh it is possible but they stopped doing that and he doesn’t know why. Can’t they manually issue the ticket to an account? Stuff like this happens all the time and common practice
On top of this very poor design it was difficult to have customer service escalate my issue beyond them. I’m still waiting to hear back on the escalation,all I know is that it went through but no response. Sucks you have no choice on your own terms and the lack of support to the customer. I’m very discourage from using party finder again.