ARGOS release and its only accessible for p2w people basically

Been playing since day 1, reached 1340 f2p, grinded last 4 days gold and cahos dungeons, bought every source of mats i could possible get from the game for the week, went to honing failed 7 times in a row +9 > +10, wasted all gold and all materials grinded. Soo tell me now, how can someone possibly even get remotly close to 1370 as f2p ? This is soo frustrating and stupid that a new raid release and isnt even remotly accessible to most of players that are f2p, honestly i was feeling great about the game before this shit released, now i just feel hardstuck 1340 and cant have more than 1 succesfull upgrade every week unless i p2w. If this is how the direction the game is going im quitting now. Any thoughts ?

And people dont say to me, oh but you dont need to do Argos now bla bla bla, bullshit, argos has crit rate set wich is essential for striker at least in end game builds, chaos dungeon set is dogshit compared, i dont want to hear it


Yeah we know. This has been like the 100th post about this with nothing new to add. There’s like 5 megathreads going on discussing this already.


i know its hot topic, i had to get frustration out somehow, as i said i rage closed the game after 7 honing +9 tp + 10 in a row; i had to rage type something to feel better…

The more posts the better. Its harder to sweep under the rug if everyone is complaining, and its not clamped down on.

The fact that so many people are posting the same thing should only impart the urgency and popularity of this feedback.


I disagree. If there would be something new to add here then yes. But the megathreads are already acknowledged and since argos release, there has been barely anything else being discussed in this forum. They already know.

It’s like your children in the back of the car asking every 5 minutes “are we there yet”. It won’t make your car go faster.

You could have earnt gold flipping mats on the AH as they predictably have been moving according to the calendar since release.
You could have made 2 alts powerpassed and knowledge transferred up to 9 then funnelled the money from daily chaos dungeons, you could have invested into getting each alt to T2 then using the gold for the next one until you hit the number you can do according to time (each one would pay for itself in 2-3 days)

They already knew back when the same issue occurred in korea and they rolled back the solutions. Now is the time to complain about that.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

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and tunneling mats from alts prevents me from failing 7 honings attempts in a row ? sry im missing something

even with alts mats respurces ARE WAY TO FKING LOW compared to honing rates dude

did you know they also increased some guardian raids ILVL entry for no reason ?
and in korea the amount of sources they have for 1400 push is 2x times as much

Volume is what makes the difference.


You try to rush content that is not supposed to be rushed.

There are certainly some problems in the game right now but players always trying to rush the newest content is also a big one.

It gives you more tries? So 7 hones you’d be able to do more hones, and get this right, more hones means more chances and more guaranteed levels!

This has happened before, and Smilegate had to publish a public apology to the players - releasing Argos last week was a massive mistake, just like it was last time this happened.

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So you want the 3 year old catchup mechanic instantly?

finish reading my post and youll see that this point doesnt make any sense, becouse the only crit rate set you get in t3 is from ARGOS dude, and my class is all about crit chance, i said this already, i dont want to hear it, if you release that raid, its a must do for me for power progression

who have fun doing less dmg ?

So what you’re saying is…

i share in your frustration and it sucks and i hope they change something soon idk how much longer ill stick around. for now im doing the minimum seeing where they take it never wanted to play any of the classes they have anyway


you are putting words out i didnt say, better you stop thx

that means you want to rush it? or did I misunderstand, you don’t want to do it as soon as it’s out?

Guess what dude, people who came to LOA for the challenging boss fights (I’d argue this is a primary audience) are all rushing content to get to those boss fights… because that’s what they enjoy.

Except they cant get to those boss fights without swiping or spending a month completing the same mindless chores.

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Or earning gold and spending it?

Edit: breaking news; people who want to do end-game content in mmos have to play the game!