ARGOS release and its only accessible for p2w people basically

I have to say that if those bossfights are the only reason you play lost ark, then this is not really the right game. Sure, the bossfights are good and the main endgame content but you can still only do them so much.
This game already has so much content and right now there is no reason to rush any of it. I’m sure that we will get improvements or more ways to get mats when valtan gets closer so rushing right now is simply a bad idea and it’ll burn people out.

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I agree with this point, but you see that every week we let pass by, its a reset we lost, soo we have to complain now about this to dont create a crater between p2w and f2p players, you see what im saying ?

What about the crater between those who can play the market and those who can’t?
Those who have jobs and those who can make multiple alts?
Those who work shift work and are sometimes on 18 hour shifts and sleeping for the rest of the game day?
Those who…you get the point.

Not everyone is equal, not everyone wants to dedicate the same amount of time (be it time at work translated into game time, or game time because they don’t work) and that’s fine, people progress at different rates. The way I see it at the moment you’re in one of the following camps: End game because you’re time rich
End game because you’re cash rich
End game because you’re good at money making aspects of the game
Progressing towards end game.

and people need to realise there’s nothing wrong with not being in the first 3 camps.

There will always be a crater between p2w and f2p as long as you can somehow speed up your progression with money, which you obviously can.

I actually think this is not really a big problem. Sure, right now maybe a few thousand players can actually play it, but so what? Soon there will be catchup mechanics that will get the rest of the players again close to the p2w players. It always works like this in f2p MMOs and it will go like this here as well.

I also think that p2w and f2p players should not be equal outside of pvp. In the end, the p2w players are the ones who keep the game running and even create the possibility for f2p players to play. The key thing here to a successful game is to have the gap between those players close enough fpr both types to enjoy their way of playing.

I think it’s universally accepted that this is Whale-Bait.

AGS is encouraging whaling, some players are spending $10k plus to get 1370. A very tiny percentage of players are at 1340 at this point, so releasing content gated behind one of the most “expensive” upgrading stretches is simply to:

A.) Milk players
B.) Promote top streamers to bring more “attention” to the game. (If you can’t do the content, at least you can watch someone who paid do it.)

Its a genuinely lucrative marketing play, because they will simply claim they made a “mistake” (although they did the same thing in Russia and KR) and when they finally release the honing % changing and catch-up mechanic they can claim they “listened to the playerbase” and try to spin it positively.

I dont really care, it is what it is. Love the game still although the tactics are shady.

I applaud you for giving AGS so much credit. Tbh, I think this is mainly mismanagement and them not really understanding the game they publish. Basically the problem they had with every other game so far.


Honestly, you could be right. Maybe it’s pure ignorance and mismanagment.

The brilliance in the scheme is the lack of brilliance in the scheme :joy:

I mean, of course I could be wrong but if the sole purpose of those updates are to get whales to spend money then holy fk, this would be by far the worst company to manage games.
This would be a move to do when you know your game is already at a point of no return and doomed to fail in an attempt to get the last bit of money from hardcore fans…but lost ark is definitly not on this point despite all the launch difficulties.

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Gotta pray that it’a ignorance in that case. Hard to imagine they are so disconnected from their own game, but who really knows.

Either way I love this shit, just sitting on mass materials and playing the market rn. Slow and steady!

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Let’s take a look at this from a business perspective. Let’s say you know you have whales that are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars to be “world first” at something, and players that are F2P that are willing to grind out literally any content you throw at them. Here, we have:

  1. New Content
  2. Possibility of Extra Revenue

Why would you NOT release it?

What justification on earth could you ever make to your company or your shareholders to DELAY content that’s already developed and forego large sums of FREE EXTRA MONEY? How does that make a company “the worst?” Am I a fan of being time/resource gated unless I spend money? No. However, this seems like a pretty simple and easy business decision to me. I don’t know why people are struggling so hard with this concept.

With that said, how good or successful would ANY company be if they simply created games that FREE TO PLAY players could simply BEAT in less than 30 days? Give me a break, dude. THAT would make them the worst game company of all time.

From a business perspective it is simply a bad move. The whales already whaled before argos. There were players at 1400 before argos release was announced.

And while they might get a bit more money from this, it will hurt in the long run and I doubt that even AGS is so incompetent to realize this. That’s why it is simply a bad decision to do this because of money.

I tell you, the amount of players that whale now compared to whaled before is very very low.

Why is noone getting the thing that this game is an RPG. You are not supposed to get to 1370 iLVL in one day. 1370 is too much u are supposed to struggle there, it’s Tier 3. They added it for people who reach 1370, so they have some content to do after hitting 1370. They didn’t add Argos for you to rush from 1340 to 1370 in 1 day or in 1 week. I totally agree with that the Honing success rates are broken and they need fix, but that changes nothing here. What if they add 1500 content, will you rush up to 1500? Go play in Korean version there are every contents available, will you rush your iLVLs in one day because there is every content available? Take your time guys, no one is forcing you to rush. You have to be thankful about that they even added that boss. Yes i am here in 1370 and what? I can’t even find 8 1370 ppl to queue for argos, today was sitting and waiting for like 1 hour to find the matchmaking.

But what i really don’t like in this game are:

  1. missing contents.
  2. nerfed gold from abyss.
  3. Honing success rate is nerfed.
  4. Bots are ruining and it’s already ruined the Economy and Blue crystal currency.
  5. The honing mats are character bound, they have to be roster bound.
  6. Ghost ship, if your internet goes down or lights or your game crashes unexpectedly it means automatically that you failed and you have to wait for a week.
  7. Gold sellers are spamming everywhere, Area chats, Whisper chats, and now they started to mail you so they avoid the report thing.
  8. The compensation for EU Central only, because we were struggling a lot. And we only received like 3 days aura which was useless anyways.

That’s all i have now in my mind and i am pretty sure there are a lot of problems.

Anyways thanks if yall read my comm.

HOW will it hurt in the long run?

Essentially, what your entire second paragraph is saying is “It was simply a bad decision to do this for the money because I believe it will hurt in the long run.” Disagreeing with you does not make it a mistake. It just makes it a differing opinion…and that opinion is, to me, a better business decision.

Then let me ask you this:
What will bring more money? A game that is ruined within the first month of it release by upsetting a large portion of the player base for short term revenue OR a game that will stay for years with a healthy player base.

Will Lost Ark still be around when most players leave? Certainly. But will it bring any money or have any room to grow when the reputation is ruined? Definitly not.

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Yeah bro, why are you trying to play the game? Didn’t you know this game is best played by not playing it?

you really can’t be serious?

You asked how someone could possibly; I answered how it’s possible, I don’t understand your confusion.

I don’t know if you noticed but the player count has been going DOWN… decisions made will definitely hurt the game…