Argos rewards nerfed most likely on accident

Before this patch, you did argos and got rewards. At the last gate, you could buy extra chest for 500 gold.

Now however, argos is separated to three gates and you have to buy the chest THREE Times at every gate.
The cost is 300 gold at gate 1, 300 gold at gate 3, and 500 gold at gate 3.
300+300+500 = 1100 gold.

So as it is, if you want full reward from argos, you will have to pay 600 gold more than before.

That was not said in patch notes and is most likely an oversight, thus here it is.


I’m going to go ahead and say it’s not an accident : Argos/Orehas gave originally less gold in Korea (iirc), so this patch, since we’re also “fighting inflation”, and got the update on Argos, i assume it has come back to its “original” values.

It does not give less gold - but less Mats.

This funnily, hurts more newer players, for older players care more about gold and will just simply not buy chests if its not worth it.

No, no, no you have to be CoNfUsEd for sure with that information:

We saw understandable confusion from players following the unplanned downtime…

Some players were confused by the skin selections available…

Find out the truth in the next patch folks!